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This is for freaks who keeps comparing D3 to TL2. For those people who keeps posting on the forums how bad D3 is compare to TL2. For those people who keeps on posting on the forums saying that there are already quitting but after 24hours i can still see them active. For those people who keeps on saying that they won't be playing D3 but still keeps complaining and crying on the forums. Here's what i can say to you y'all.

If you don't like the game, then don't play it. Simple as that. You guys QQ so much for a game.

Contrary to popular belief, QQ is not a set of crying eyes. It actually originated with the advent of Warcraft II. On battlenet, you could press ALT+Q+Q to immediately exit the match and program. Thus the term "QQ" was to tell people to just quit because they are unskilled. The term later developed and lost it's origin and is usually mistaken as crying eyes.

In contemporary gamer culture, QQ has become the mainstream emoticon for crying eyes, though it is still often used in it's traditional sense.
"Shut up or QQ!"
"Why don't you QQ, noob?"

1. dont label people things like freaks
2. freedom of speech and all that. You, me, everyone here has the right to be here because we paid the $60 entrence fee. if you want them to leave, you can refund them.

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