What is the problem with my gear?

Demon Hunter

Can anyone tell me what should I improve with my DH?

You can get some extra crit dmg on your wep :P
if you have the budget, you can get an amulet with both crit chance and damage.

i think you need more max discipline. you can get and additional 10 from a good quiver, but have to sacrifice some dex to do that.

boots need 12% movement speed
i think i need some critique too. dont know which one i can upgrade. i can clear acts 3 and 4 just fine but still not as quick as i would want to.
you have 0% move speed, and you focus way too much on all resist. there isn't much point in getting all resist when you can just smoke screen out of anything. plus, you need to get some max discipline on your cloak.
I know i have no movement speed. It is too expensive for me at the moment. Any idea how I can improve my DPS? My current DPS without SS is 69K.
Get your max discipline up +10 at least also you have to get your crit chance up to get the most out of your crit damage! You'll hit the 100K dps mark for sure
Crit chance is very expensive on AH. Look like i will have to start grinding gold again.

Thanks for all the help guys.
You need more HP. Trade some dex gems for vit gems if you don't have much money. I'd aim for 35K HP so that you have some survivability. Also, you need crit chance. 400% crit damage doesn't do you much good with such low crit chance except for the first shot from SS.
You have a very interesting account. It seems like you're trying to do a couple things, but haven't committed to one strategy enough to be really effective.

First, I would recommend getting boots with movement speed. Even though I'm sure you'll have to downgrade in stats. You could look for boots that are like 10% MS or 11% which will be cheaper than those at 12% which is the max. I would also recommend finding some boots with VIT on them as well as just a crazy high dex, but I'll hit on that topic next.

Second, your HP is only 24.4, and you have no sustain other than gloom and the 143 shoulder/helm regen. This means you are going to die a lot! You may be able to live through A1, but I'd imagine A2 would kill you enough to make farming quite ineffective. This is where the boot suggestion comes in as you could really boost your survive, and I don't think you need the resist on it. A3 can be a little tough with less than 300 resist, but you'll have to upgrade your gear a lot before you're really effective there. At 24k you'd get one shotted by most everything so lowering the rest to increase HP will increase your survive even there.

Third, to increase your DPS on a budget, I'd look to swap out your amulet. You have 24.5% Crit chance so you're not getting the most from that amulet. Instead, I would rather have one with attack speed. The reason is that without the 65% crit damage, the extra crit chance isn't a huge deal, and I don't think you can afford multiple stats right now from what you described. If you can get one with 8 IAS, dex/vit, and 20+ crit damage awesome!

Fourth, would you consider getting rid of Sharp Shooter? Sharp shooter increases your DPS on paper, but isn't going to have that great of impact. You're already hitting a crit once every four shots (give the 24.5% crit chance), so the boost isn't that much for you. Instead, you may look at tactical advantage that will make it easier to kite since you'll have more monsters getting to you until you can get your DPS higher.

Good luck...
I had made some modification to my gear. Now I have about 10 mil budget, what should I spend it on? My target is clear, I want to reach the 100k DPS while maintaining at least 25K HP.

I know 10 mil is not alot, but for a casual player like me, that is a fortune already.

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