Why did you give Dexterity 18% less survival?

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500 dex = 20% dodge
2200 dex = 42% dodge

the (class that is not dh/monk) with 500 dex gets x /(1- dodge%) = 125% survival while the additional 2200 primary stat

DH with 2200(edit oops had 2000) dex, x/(1-.42) = 172% survival
& lets give them 400 AR, +500 int as well 172% * 1/(1 - 450/765) = 172% * 227%
= 417% survival

Int user, 2200 int [edit: had 2000 int] & 500 dex (1/.8)) from 500 dex, and they also have another +400 AR on their gear

(1/.8) * 1/(1- 620/(935)
= 371%

as you can see on paper the int users are missing a relative ~11% survival (1 - 371/417)

now here is the best ******g part
although the sorc/wd has this 11% less survival on paper... the grounds FX like Molten or reflection cannot be dodged, you get 0 mitigation from your dodge% so what really happens is you have only 100% survival, not the 125% or 172%

the Int user has 100% * 1/(1- 620/(935) = 296%
the Dex user has 100% * 1/(1 - 450/765) = 242%

(1- 242/296) = ~18.24% survival missing

Now you might be thinking; well they kinda even out?

mmm, from experience, no, far from it as any avoidance class will tell you. Because although over infinity the dodge% turns into an average of greater survival relative, in practice you can dodge 5 hits in a row at 100% life (when all the LoH or leech does nothing) and more importantly you can fail-to-dodge 5 hits in a row at just 80% health and be bursted dead before your recovery abilities even could kick in.

Hardcore is a great decider on when pass/fail systems hurt....

so here is the problem from a balance design and how avoidance bring about balance issues, you either

  • a) walk a fine line without enough eHP to soak 3 seconds of being pounded on by 4 phasebeasts that tele-stomp on top of you... hoping to stay topped off with "fair" dodge% RNG rolls
  • or

  • b) you have plenty of eHP, in which case the dodge% evens out thus experiencing ~11% MORE survival than the other classes, and they all call "IMBA!"
  • but more importantly as we all know... dodge% doesn't even work on reflection/molten and various ground FX...

    what gives?
    10/01/2012 09:20 PMPosted by Korba
    what gives?

    Someone really hates monks(and wizards, and wds and dhs for that matter) on the dev team for some reason.

    We should be getting excited about what cool new changes the next patch will bring.. not variously angry/accepting/rationalizing each new nerf in the name of driving auction house traff*AHEM* BUILD DIVERSITY, excuse me..

    I still enjoy the game, in spite of these things, but it requires a conscious effort not to think about what it SHOULD be like. That's not good.

    While I respect that the dev team (and Wyatt Cheng in particular) seem to be bending over backwards to make a fun game fit inside of the MAKE MONEY OFF MICROTRANSACTIONS MODEL that senior Vivendi/Actiblizz have now crammed down our throats.. ultimately this game is ruined by that model.

    But I digress... Nice theorycrafting.
    apologizes i wasn't "fair" with assigning 2200 primary, I had instead only done 2000 int; the discrepancy has now been fixed,

    both dodge and Int class are at 2200 primary and 500 secondary, the survival discrepency has therefore worsened for the dex class in this example

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