15 Reasons Not To Play A Monk Part II.

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Zombie post back from dead..

First up would be to fix dashing strike so it doesn't crash the client..
Recently leveled up a monk (last class i took to 60) and I must say I love play her in MP0-MP2, however I have to agree with everything OP said.

Resource system is terrible, ability costs are crazy high and the majority of her passives are just a joke.

Dodge scaling is criminal. By 60 two of her passives are useless because the dodge scaling is so bad, and at least two other active abilities are useless for the exact same reason.

While the attack speed on the monk set pants is fantastic, the lack of survivability affixes on it and the rest of the monks set is inexcusable.

Overall I've found the class enjoyable at low MPs, but the lack of build options (especially the lack of interesting/viable passives), terrible dodge scaling, horrible resource system/high ability costs, and glass cannon set gear do taint the experience.

At the very least I would love to see the Monk class get some reworking of passives/skills.
Monk is my main class...and I have made every other class to lvl 60 and I just love the monk build the best..The play style I like over the barb and is why I continued with the monk class post patch

I have higher then average gear but even with the most expensive gear I feel I am now in a box that if I upgrade my DPS I lose life, armor, res, dodge and my survivability is out the window for mp7+...

I believe that the main reason why monks are so handicapped compared to the other classes is because the monk class is the only class that needs every stat possible. They need high crit chance for sweeping wind, high dex, HIGH life, high res, high armor, high attack speed, high loh and high life steal, high crit dmg, run walk speed, oh not to mention the other res stat that you need to roll perfectly on any item....compare that to wizards and barbs who need half as much of all those things to be viable......I know this cuz I have both those builds with expensive gear as well. Gear with just dex on it is way cheaper then an item with dex, armor, and vit.....barbs only need strength and wizards only need inf...hardly need any res or other stats..

It is discouraging that blizzard may nerf the OWE passive which is the only thing keeping monks in inferno or viable at all for higher mp lvls...

THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A BUDGET MONK BUILD......especially for 5 mil like a barb who can solo mp 5+ ...its insulting to us that love the monk and want to go forward with that class.

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