The 100k DPS W/O SS Club.

Demon Hunter
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my next goal is get rid of steady aim! and go arch, perf, ns(depending on proc vs elites) or ta(which i feel is wayyy overrated)
10/02/2012 07:50 AMPosted by AllanRev
100k+ DPS without SS and Nats

Close to 170k+ without SS, steady aim, Nats, inna's, witching hour or Manticore ;-)
187k DPS w/o ShSh
300k DPS with ShSh

Balance with 45k HP + 5000 Armor + 450ish All Ress
Unfortunately, I dont have enough max disc, 39 only
it is not mandatory when we have balance build, tho. :)

I love discipline because it is not fun playing without discipline :)

10/02/2012 04:24 AMPosted by shndany
120K DPS Demon Hunter here... Oh god, thanks to the legacy Nats set I'm having a really hard time finding upgrades...

Glad you reached there :)

gratz man, I've only recently reached the 100k dps mark as well. However I believe my DH isn't as balanced as yours is, mines still a bit squishy facing packs with certain affixes....

I do find the strongarm bracer working nicely though, with the "almost 5%" knock back it have saved me from getting hit numerous times.

Some would say I am way too glassy given the amount of AR I have. I tend to focus on Fire and Physical Res since those are really all I would die from.

Any suggestions on what piece I should upgrade next??

Thanks, You can try to get AR from you chest armor and shoulder but I think is going to cost more than 10m if you want to maintain your Dex and Vit. May be you get a Xbox and a nice quiver instead, if you don't mind the Att Spd and want to have higher DPS.
10/02/2012 07:10 AMPosted by mission007
It would be an honour to farm with you DH ! Still struggling to get my AR and EHP up....

Thanks, you are in the Europe region right? I am in America :(

10/02/2012 07:17 AMPosted by Cyclo
210k here^^ no ss ofcourse.

Lolz, which region?

10/02/2012 07:46 AMPosted by RabidChimp
I don't know if I qualify as a Glass cannon or Balanced but I guess I am part of the club.

I can see you are quite balance, try to kill Diablo. It shouldn't be a problem :)

10/02/2012 07:50 AMPosted by AllanRev
100k+ DPS without SS and Nats


10/02/2012 08:10 AMPosted by TheFootOfGod
getting close. 82k dps with my mf gear on.

Don't worry you will be there soon :)

10/02/2012 08:14 AMPosted by wLeZeL
I'm at 155k no SS, but im a super glass cannon. Is anyone else out there doing max dps/glass cannon spec? Wondering if I should get resist/more vit and drop the dmg some.. eventually.. :(

Actually, I would recommend more Resistance first. Try to maintain AR 400+, Armor 4K+, Vit 30K+. Try to have 40 Disc as well, you need to survive to deal more damages for elites.
10/02/2012 08:18 AMPosted by licookiesli
i like this club, but i stack crit chance. My most expensive piece is my ring... no idea what its worth. I dw though, does that count?

Of course :)

10/02/2012 08:20 AMPosted by redmond
I hope I can get into this club

You are already in.

10/02/2012 08:28 AMPosted by Vuron00
getting close. 82k dps with my mf gear on.

I was stuck at 90k forever because I was too stubborn to get rid of my MF. I finally said "screw it" and went from 90 to 170k pretty quick and didn't have to spend much gold. The MF items that I had still sold for some decent coin.

I'm pretty balanced and have around 600 physical resist along with 4200 armor and 39k health.

I used to be like you, but I dropped my MF slowly as my P.Lv getting higher.
BTW, nice Glove and Amulet. How much did you pay for that ?
161k DPS, 46k HP, 470 All res (640 phys/590 fire), 4.1k armour and life steal! ;D
good to see some similar builds... about to get an andy's w/socket to boost the dps by a bit
EDIT: 178k with andy's ;D
110K no SS Here
It is really tricky getting my DPS up. My goal right now is 135-150k keeping my current survivability intact. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get it there? I know I could get around 2-3k with a better quiver, and some gloves with a higher crit chance. Would a new xbow make that much of a difference?
Just broke 150k today. eeeeee. I broke 100 early semptember. I had some amazing luck with drops this week with 3 set and 4 legendary items. I sold 6 of them. The 7th was lac prolwer with dex, phys res, 9ias, and 6CC. boosted me 9700 damage over my previous prowlers with no cc. Went on a shopping spree and went from 130k to 151k overnight.
Just got to 100K today. It was a struggle because I wanted to maintain my HP and resists as well as increase the DPS.
I don't understand why you people are so high on having a dps over 100k without SS? SS is so much better than STeady Aim. Steady AIM is USELESS. More often than not, you have creatures closer to you than 10 yards, so often it doesn't even get used. Why bother with it?

Archery / Sharpshooter / Vengeance is the way to go with the Legacy NAT's set and Cluster arrows with loaded for the bear.

If solo, you can kill almost all elites in 3-4 Cluster arrows, by walking up to them and blasting away. Almost always, I am in Shadow Power and Gloom, so I am usually walking and killing right next to all the creatures to ever use Steady Aim.

Get rid of steady aim, it's pointless! Esp if you have legacy nats and use shadow power.
Set your pick-up radius to 10 yards and tell me if you think most enemies are going to get that close to you. I think you'll find that it's a much smaller distance than you had imagined.

Anyway, I just joined the club today. Somehow managed to keep my EHP + dodge over 700K.
Double socket manticore put me over 100k. Been playing a bit of WoW and busy with real life. The farming is starting to get old. I could have gotten some upgrades but decided since the game is mostly trivial now I'd sell my drops/gold for cash instead. Bought WoW expansions for me and my wife and some other goodies with hit. Maybe once 1.05 comes out I'll get interested again and try to upgrade my gear, but the game has become really repetitious now. I can't believe with some of the hours people have put into this game that they aren't bored out of their skull. There are better ways to spend your time than farming act 3 for the 10,000th time. I don't get people who spend hundreds of RL dollars on things like crazy weapons, what so they can farm act 3 a little faster?

In any case, yes I'm in this club, and with legacy nat's and soj too. :)
And steady aim is definitely not pointless. Ten yards is NOTHING in this game and nothing beats 20% dmg on almost all the time. Maybe other DH's tank more often, and sometimes I do take hits and tank a little, but most of the time either my cold dmg or my followers cold dmg have the mobs snared so they're usually always distanced from me.
Hey guys,

Just reached 100K dps list night :D
Can I join ? ^^

btw, I'm on EU
Currently i'm at 200k-ish dps, or 160k dual wielding..
Some people may go stride close to mobs and blast them to smithereens while under SP-Gloom, so Steady Aim is useless.

But i personally prefer to blast mobs as soon as they appear on my screen. Mostly they are dead before getting close to me. So i use Steady Aim for that damage bonus.

Just a matter of taste..
im stuck at 47k and cant seem to get any higher any ideas to help me plz would b greatful thx the dh shown on my profile isnt the right 1 its set for the americans for some reason ????
Finally hit 100k w/o sharpshooter, had to swap my nat helm unfortunately but glad to see the dps number :)

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