Need spec/gear advice -- 400M to spend.

Demon Hunter
This post is not for me, so please don't look at my scrub DH an offer pointers for her :). His battletag is Shooter#1227

A friend of mine with a nicely geared DH just made 400M+ on the AH and is looking to upgrade. I'm interested since we play together regularly but he is too busy to mess around on the forums and I have the sneaking suspicion he's not really optimizing his build. His dps is ok but he dies a lot, and I've noticed that when we play together my xp/hour drops about 15%. He likes his 2 x 1H build -- he claims I move too fast for him to use a 2H but I'm not sure how valid that is, or if it will remain so in 1.05 where I am definitely going to be slowed down by mana issues.

Anyway, I've got 4 areas I would like some advice on:

1) 2H or 2x1H?
2) How much allres to survive mp5+?
3) How low can you accept DPS to make #2 happen?
4) Is there a general spec folks are agreeing upon that should be most successful farming MP5+?

1.) Depends on playstyle of the person choosing the weapons. Some need more resouce generation from faster attack speeds, some like mass damage with 2h crits.
2.) 400 - 450+ is a good range for most MP levels.
3.) 150k non-SS damage should be decent.
4.) No general spec yet, just test it out yourself on PTR.
Still looking for some help, thanks.
if u want some help feel free to add me in game nocturnal#1411

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