1.04 - plagued affix causes char to be pinned

Bug Report
Hey there,
I experienced this bug a lot of times now, every time getting bugged out myself, because the only chance to escape this bug is to leave the game, meaning to loose the NV-stack every time. kind of an inefficient way to play the game, loosing the NV every now and then because of a bug...

description of the bug:
while in fight against packs with the affix plagued it may happen to be pinned to a random position on the plagued floor, afterwards beeing unable to perform any further action, which includes walking, attacking, using a skill.
playing in multiplayer it may happen, the pack is moving and you're standing where you're pinned until leaving the game. in singleplay normally the pack keeps on attacking you until you are dead, though you will not die. the healthball will get empty and the red mask will appear as if you were on low life, but even if your HP reaches 0, you will still be alive and stand where you are pinned to. this will not end unless you leave the game.

i am playing monk, the bug appeared both in multiplayer and in singleplayer.
i cannot remember whether the bug appeared in any other act than act III, because I mostly play in there at the moment, but there has not been a specific region inside act III where the bug appears.
from the moment on I am pinned, my character disappears and only my mantra and other effects that surround my char are visible. other players have not seen me either, even though my position marker on the mini map located me to the point i stood.

i am using the following skills:
Crippling Wave - concussion
Sweeping Wind - Cyclone
Serenity - Peaceful Repose
Cyclone Strike - Implosion
Mantra of Evasion - Hard Target
Dashing Strike - Blinding Speed

I was not yet able to reproduce it at will. there have been many fights without complications but every time this happens it is on "plagued floor"
I am not able to leave the place by using dashing strike.

I've got three screenshots, one from an earlier appearance in multiplayer, that has been taken after the fight and after the plagued green area has already vanished:

The next two are screenshots from my latest encounter with that bug:

It has - in my opinion - nothing to do with the fact, that I was standing on the stairs, because - as you can see in the first screenshot, it already happend on flat areas, too.

using any skill is, as i said, not possible.
walking or moving in any other way is not possible.
dying is not possible.
using a potion is not possible.
actually nothing is possible but leaving the game :D

i will collect more screenshots if it will happen again. and i will try to find out, when exactly the bug starts to appear. as i said, most fights (with plagued affix involved) end without any occurance of the bug.

the bug yet appeared to me on two different machines, so i can except the computer beeing responsible for it.
my actual machine's configuration is this:

- Core i7-2600K
- Nvidia GTX680
- 128GB SSD (for OS and D3)
- Win7 Professional 64bit
- focusrite saffire pro40 firewire sounddevice (which caused some problems with interrupts yet)
- displayresolution: 1680x1050

some gamesettings:
- 5.1 sound
- max video settings
- maximum amount of displaynumbers and defensive messages
- items: push key to show

tell me if some more information is neccessary.

I hope this bug can be found and eliminated with the next patch, it really is bothersome!

sorry, if my english is at some points confusing :D

All right. Patch 1.0.5 is out and I had this bug two times in just an hour. It's very annoying!

This time the same bug appeared without encountering mobs with the plagued affix, so there must be another reason for it to appear.
In the patchlog i read there was a bug with dashing strike. I am not sure wheter I used this skill every time the bug appeared, but I would not exclude this to be the reason.

Fact is, it still happens. Whatever has been patched, did not work.
To proove this, further screenshots:


both times no plagued-affix.
i was no more able to move. in the first screenshot the char vanished and was not able to die.
the last two screenshots show a fight in which i finally was killed, after beeing invulnerable for one minute or so (which saved my valor in the end)

in both fights sweeping wind was active and seemed to do damage even as the "coolup" expired though the skill was not visible.

i would be glad to get any reply for this!


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