Hey icy. I'll be home in two hours. Would you be interested in that axe I am trying to sell/trade for your dagger and helm?
^ nah i dont think so, im going to be sticking to mighty weps
Even to resell the axe would be worth it I think. Give it some thought its a badass axe. I'll be home later, we could talk more then? I also have some mighty weapons.
The mighty weapon I have is ranked number 20 in the world on diablo progress. 1996 hero score (war vigor) you can see it there if you search items on said site on my barb (BarbieDoll)

I never believe hero score to judge a items worth.
They graded a Str vit Skorn to beat a super HAX LS skorn for example.

If you try to buy both in AH of around same dps & crit, example (1350dps, 170+crit)
str vit skorn = 25-50mil
LS = 350-450mil easily....
@Horn Yeah. But, mines actually pretty good lol.

@icy you still online? I'll be home soon. Want to talk more.
i'd really prefer gold or cash tbh
How much cash you thinking for it?
my OH?
about ~170
to compensate for the taxes
Meh lol

Someone told me to go look. Nice dagger I guess.
Good luck, if you cant sell it, add me. we will talk.

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