WTS: End game BIS, Items for Monks and Barbs

bump for 10mil :)!
bump for moolah
10/07/2012 09:53 PMPosted by EmperorMao
Bump for 10mil. What can I say? It's free and I'm Asian.

All items are larger than what my stash can store. Bump to increase stash size :)
Bump for 10mil! yay
is this real life?? bump for 10mill? xD

Bump. Need some better weapons!
10 mil bump here!
Quite the collection you've got there.

I will say though, I've never heard of anyone offering gold for random bumpers and then following through. So it'll be interesting to see if you're the first :P
I'm at the point where 10M would double my total wealth, so I don't think I will be making any bids on your items.

Here's hoping that I'm one of the lucky 2 :).
10 m bump why not

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