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I have been craving a way for more customization since I started playing Diablo 3. With the lack of a skill/talent tree to make several choices, it just feels limited and kind of bland. I'm enjoying the game but I constantly think about how much more fun I could have if I had more options for my hero. It got me thinking and I passed on a couple ideas to people I know and got some really positive responses from them and thought I should share them on the forums.

As I leveled up, I wondered why passive choices stopped at level 30. Why not let us choose more at 40, 50, and 60? It would broaden our choices and allow more customization for our characters. It would also let us pick up some of the more offensive oriented passives over the "mandatory" defensive passives. It would also help with some of Blizzard's goals they seem to be aiming for: We would get more build diversity and a power boost to help us in inferno. No need to nerf inferno when you can buff our heroes AND give us some options to play with. A win-win situation for all.

My next idea is a little more complicated. I think to help broaden our choices (sometimes boring choices...) with rune selection on abilities we should be able to have 2 runes per skill. How the heck are we gonna do that? There are several ways to do it, but I'm thinking something along the lines of giving us a "primary rune" and a "secondary rune" for each ability. So we could pick an ability altering rune for the primary and a more passive and kinda boring rune for the secondary. Examples:

On barbarian's Cleave we could choose Rupture or Scattering Blast as a primary and Reaping Swing, Broad Sweep, or Gathering Storm as a secondary. Or maybe move one or the other from primary to secondary. It's just an example.

Another example: Wizard's Arcane Orb could choose Arcane Orbit, Obliteration, or Arcane Nova as a primary and Tap the Source or Celestial Orb as a secondary.

I'm sure some of these runes would have to be tweaked or modified, I'm just trying to give you guys an idea of what I'm talking about. More runes could even be added to give us more choices and greater diversity. And let's face it... It's kinda boring to pick a rune that lowers the resource cost (but sometimes needed for our build) and a lot more fun to make it do something different (such as Arcane Nova). Why not let us do both?

Sure, our heroes would be a lot more powerful doing these things, but that seems to coincide with the nerfing of inferno or Blizzards struggle to make all runes and passives as appealing as the one next to them. I think most of us want more choices and I stand by these ideas as really cool and fun ways to do it.

I'd love to see your thoughts and if you think it would be good or bad for the game and why.
Sure, you'd multiply the option, but the problem would still be the same once the maximized damage of primary rune + secondary rune is found.

EDIT: I like the idea, but I don't think it would solve the basic problem of D3, which is its lack of reward.
Not all of us pick runes purely for maximum damage. It would also give you the option to pick damage AND a more utility like rune that just isn't as attractive enough by itself.
Forums move fast. Was hoping for more discussion on ideas for more customization.

(yes, yes it is a shameless bump)
Last time I'm bumping this. I'm just hoping someone from Blizzard has read it at this point and at least considered opening up some more customization in one form or another.

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