Graphical glitch -- upper left of screen

Bug Report
Summary: There's a graphical glitch that occurs in the top left section of the screen. It manifests as a blinking buff icon randomly during game play and/or the associated help text for said icon if the mouse cursor is placed over the area that blinks.

First, this issue is new as of 1.04 to my knowledge. The issue has been very briefly touched on in the following threads:
However, as I have more information to add regarding a conceivably related issue, and more importantly how to consistently reproduce it, I wish to consolidate those threads here.

To summarize the content of the existing threads, this problem is most evident during standard play when a buff (most commonly a mantra, any mantra; other classes unknown) is on the character. A smaller version of the buff icon will randomly blink for a fraction of a second in a specific spot: on the very top edge of the screen, to the left. It happens frequently or infrequently, in succession or not, with user input or without, for no apparent reason or any at all. This makes it particularly annoying to document, evidence, and reproduce. It's also particularly annoying in general.

The new information I have is a result of trying unsuccessfully to screenshot the blinking for the better part of the evening. Several hours and 500+ worthless JPGs later, I accepted I was likely trying to attempt the impossible, and decided at the least I could screenshot the general area where the blinking occurs. It's at this point I discovered that mousing the cursor over the spot where the blinking icon occurs brings up the corresponding help text that would normally show for that icon. Screenshot:

Some notes about this occurrence:
* The help text also blinks, at a rate of exactly 1 blink per second, so finding the small "hot spot" requires slow moves and a bit of patience.
* The help text keeps blinking. Forever. As long as the buff doesn't wear, and the cursor stays on that spot, there's nothing random about it.
* The blinking icon can and will randomly occur while the help text is blinking, and will always appear synchronously with it (leading me to believe the issue is closely related).
* As with the icon, this blinking can be triggered (occurs) in any game area -- town or not.

To reproduce: (at least on my computer)
1. Log in
2. Select any act, quest, difficulty, and click start; or simply resume
2a. Might only be for single player -- have not tested multiplayer
3. Activate any mantra
3a. Follower might be required -- have not tested without
4. Cursor over specific spot
5. Hope you're not epileptic

I also identified the exact pixel perfect perimeter, inside which the icon blinks, and if moused over the help text displays, in order to help you help me: (these are, respectively, the leftmost, rightmost, and bottommost the cursor can be before the help text blinking no longer triggers (the topmost boundary is the top edge of the screen))

Just to reiterate, the major complaint is the annoying flashing icon, not the accompanying help text that only occurs if you mouse over a couple square millimeters of screen. It's just that the latter part is the only thing I can reproduce at will, or even manage a screenshot of, so I'm hoping that identifying one indicates the other.

I suspect it's possible this is a hardware/software specific problem, so I'm going to give a few preliminary system details, and of course more are available as needed:
Windows 7 7601 64-bit
ATI Radeon HD 5700
Catalyst Version 12.8
Direct3D Version

Think that's about enough for now. I can always try various things out if needed, just let me know. And thanks.

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