Iphone 5 log in issue!

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I cannot seem to log into the battle net forums on my iphone 5. I am able to log in from my laptop so it seems to be an issue on the phone.

I constantly get a warning that my account has been locked due to suspicious activity whenever i try to log in
Are you using a cellular connection and not wifi on the iPhone when logging in?

If you're using the cellular network, this may be why. The cellular network uses ghost IP address that change every so often (sometimes a little as 20 seconds). The IP address might be local or might be halfway across the country, so if you're logging in this method, it might seem suspicious on Battle.net.
Thanks for getting back! I do usually use cellular data but wouldn't this scenario be a common problem for many ppl?

What would the solution be if wifi is not an option?
Not many people log into the forums using an iPhone I assume, as it may be hard to post and what not. Few reports I've seen about this are due to cellular connections.

There isn't really a solution to this, as this is how cellular connections work. You could contact your service provider and ask for a static IP address for your phone, as some companies offer that. There may be a charge for it, as this probably requires some behind the scenes work. I use to work in a data support for a telco company and this service was offered for users who requires static IP addresses for work purposes and what not.

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