Old hellfire ring was the real end game!

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Thank god this was fixed!

doing millions of dmg per hellfire hit was soooo silly. Basically, that would break the item in HC mode (reflect dmg 1 hshot), break PvP, and make everybody into an IAS proc build.

Good decision
why would you ever expect blizzard to make a BIS item account bound? dont forget if blizzard makes no money, there would be no reason to support the game so account bound items that arnt resellable will never be BIS items.
So not a single play tester tried on this new epic item before it even hit public PTR? Sure thing.

you forgot blizzard doesnt test anything, at least in game without a subscription base.

are you retarded or what ???? ....what part about Public TEST Realm dont you understand ? it was put online for the playerbase to try the new changes and give feedback and for them to balance some of the stuff before getting the patch live. It's not like they said it on the patch notes , and tried to nerf it aafter the patch goes live (TOC)
I really don't get it.

As far as I can see it takes the average player a lot of time to get one of those rings.

Instead of giving very high DPS chars good crits, you nerf the ring from 3 million to 20k dmg?

Your balancing philisophy seems to have items or skills which are either 300% of whats reasonable or 10%. Any middleground would be nice. 500k to 1 mil would be nice to have.

You could also let the ring roll 500 LoH or 150 vit, with the primary skill.

I don't see myselft hunting hundreds of hours for just one item, that will roll nice stats every 1000th time. It took me 5 hours to get 3 keys and the plan on monsterlevel 5, only to get nothing in The Realm of Turmoil.

Way too much time to farm more than maybe 2-3 of those rings since we can't trade keys or organs...

Please consider making the ring desirable again.
What is BIS?
Why don't all you guys go and play a game you actually enjoy?

Really confusing seeing so many people on the forum of a game they just don't enjoy playing.

Don't you realize how silly it is, that you would play content over and over that you don't enjoy, for a ring? Yet now that this ring isn't A-bombing the whole of Sanctuary, there is 'no point in playing the content'.

Does it sound so foreign to you lot if I was to tell you that any game or content I do, I do it because I enjoy it? Imagine that. And that means any game or content I don't enjoy, guess what.. I don't do it, uber ring or not.

This thread, is amazing.
10/06/2012 01:53 AMPosted by Kiko
lol 25k damage
sounds bad eh :P
Posted by Lylirra
It was actually a bug fix.

Not buying the whole bug fix thing.

Exactly.... Followers were hitting for millions of damage too, and their gear didnt even get close to what players were wearing...
also look at the ridiculous sever proc on last hits.... this doesnt scale either, yet it comes pretty close to what the ring was doing...

Don't bull!@#$ us blizz... and btw that sever proc is bull%^-* too, but u barbie lovers ignore that as well
I agree with the OP
There is NO REWARD
You can buy a much better rare ring in the AH, no point in farming forever to get a trash roll everytime
10/06/2012 07:10 AMPosted by Blade
What is BIS?

Duno, some Help here
Good fix, way way too much damage. I'm glad they fixed this.
WTF is BiS ?
10/06/2012 07:50 AMPosted by KTap
Best in slot :P

Why everyone are Upset!?

That ring is awesome 4random afix + 170-200... Awesome to mee

Because of Lame FireBall ?
this is !@#$ed...i was looking foward to that ring...now meh
First people complains about blizzard nerfing the crap out of content 1.0.3 -> GAME TO EASY you say.

Second people complain about the new nerf hitting servers 1.0.4 -> OMFG NO FUN AND NO CHALLENGE

Third people complains about nerfing the crap out of some certain skills 1.0.5 -> CHARACTERS TO WEAK you say

Fourth people complain about a certain item being nerfed to appropiate scale 1.0.5 -> OMFG WHY YOU TAKING AWAY THE OP ITEMS THAT CAN MAKE ME GODLIKE!

Diablo fanbase makes no sense to me.. Seriously, the ring critted around 3-5M depending on what your gear looked like, how does that make a game fun?
I agree with the OP, https://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6794230705?page=1#5 is full of it with her response. Bug fix my !@#.

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