I manned up and ...

Finished D!

Check my profile if you want to see exact stats. I have to say that A4 is MUCH easier than it used to be.

Inspiring presense + revenge = GG on most mob packs. I also had a 700 dps 700 loh weapon for when i needed to regen life fighting the barb clone, cause that dude is hella strong.
I remember you from my thread, you manned up and did it! GG

You couldn't let my #600 gear score barb show you up lol
yea lol, i took a look at my stats and was like man i should be done by now
Did you do Ghom and all of A3 solo with those exact items?
yea, i had a weaker weapon at the time for ghom, but i DW loh offhanded ghom
NICE! Exactly how I did it with my monk, DW LoH weapons for Gohm, and I switched back to my old dagger with 10% ias and 900 LoH for most of Act4. 5k less dps but that thing could sure as hell keep me alive =p Congrats!
Hmm I wonder if 1273 LoH and 2.5% life steal is enough for Ghom DWing in frenzy mode on a barb. DPS would likely be about 20-21k self buffed with battle rage.

I feel like such a failure for not touching A3 yet. I didn't even do A2 until the other day haha. When I drop out of MF gear I have like 68k HP, 1050 res all and 11k armor with both armor passives. I'm in a perma state of fear because of how it was in 1.0.2.
I used my current spear/shield on ghom, he follows you out of the cloud most of the time anyway if you constantly withdraw while attacking and the resulting slime summons barely do anything. Even if you are caught in the cloud relentless will keep you alive.

I don't know if my spear gives me more than usual range on my primary attack but it sure seems like it does, which may have helped too.

So yes, of course 1200 loh and 2.5% LS with your gear will be enough. (slot relentless in case things get out of hand)
Did you solo clear depths 2 too? Did you get hit by any explody guys, if so what was the damage taken.
Yes I solo cleared all maps. I did get hit by some suicide guys but always with ignore pain active. Just take that map really slow and have a fast twitch finger on leap and IP.

Also, identify jailer on elite packs immediately and if they have it immediately withdraw to fight where you are sure there are no suiciders and never use leap against elites until you are sure there are none around.
I don't have room for IP and leap IMO. Charge with leech is too good to give up I think. I couldn't imagine running without wrath either, that just seems crazy risky. I suppose I could drop battle rage for leap or IP for clearing elites because losing a few K dps isn't the end of the world.

(Note: My profile weapon isn't what I would use to progress. I have a 580ish LoH/2.5% LS 810 dps weap with 170 str for progressing)
Dude you make room for IP and leap on depths level 2, no question. You are really going to use charge on a level with melee range suicide mobs?

You are also going to get a rude awakening in act 3 or 4 if you don't use leap. A succubus waller arcane horde vortex rude awakening. Never roll without a real waller escape.
Leap is EXTREMELY important because of the waller/desc combos. If theres frozen or ae as well its gg without leap. drop charge, it doesnt serve a purpose anymore since 1.0.3 because rend already out performs it in terms of healing/dps dual use. I personally only use 200 loh for my normal a3/a4 clears. loh is overrated if you have lps (from inspiring presence) with revenge. just so u know i run with 81k hp. this is clearly the better way. 1k dps + loh is redonc expensive so i do it this way now.
Charge will get you out of waller unless they have an air tight gap. If there's even a single pixel of space between walls charge will zip you around the wall. All it takes is 1 air tight gap to kill you though, I'm aware of that. Also it's hard to disagree with a 25-40% instant heal on a fairly short cooldown (a lot of times you're getting 3-5 mobs with charge), rend doesn't really leech much with low DPS and rend won't break jailer or get you out of frozen radius in a pinch.

I think dropping rage for leap seems good but the only way IP is making it in is it wrath gets dropped and I don't see how that's possible.

Just the other day I ran into a horde, vortex, fast, arcane pack of the mage wraths in A2 (the big spinny guys). Without wrath you're kind of screwed here if you decide you want to escape and you're not near an exit. I didn't want to mess with the pack so I decided to exit. I don't think I would have made it without wrath.
Hmm, i took a look at your profile, and from what i see, you shouldnt have any trouble with any a2 packs at all. I think i understand the problem. Try swapping charge for rend, rage for leap, and superstition for presense of mind and fight tough packs again. The issue I'm seeing is that if you dont use rend, you lost about 1/2 of your dps. This is fairly significant because when your fighting 'horde, vortex, fast, arcane pack' I could just wotb + rend + leap + revenge in like 3-4 seconds and the situation starts to improve dramatically. When i look at your build, I don't see that being the case. Just something to consider being that you actually have better stats than I do.

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