Rend: The question thread

Guess I'll start.

Hey guys, after awhile of farming Act 2, I finally tried Act 3, and as of yesterday, soloed it no problem. Now farming, I am dying too often.

My current strat is to keep warcry and battle rage up, bash a guy a few times, then run around rending, using revenge as its up and popped ignore bliss when needed. This works well a lot of the times, but not always.

Some things seem to hit too hard, and I cannot tell what res is too low. With both shouts active and no berserker * I don't use it.... I'd rather the heal* I'm around 65% armor and 80k dps, bash buff not included.

Please critique my gear/skills. I know the belt and LS passive suck, but It makes me feel a bit safer. Maybe I don't need it. I don't know. Budget is only 6 mil til I get paid/find something decent, but this may not be a gear problem.

Last question, what exact;y does armor do, what does physical resistance do, and how are they all related?

Edit: The jewelry. They suck. I am trying to wait for 1.05 affixes to buy new ones but if a good deal presents itself...

Edit 2: Does rend stack? IE, can i rend a champ 3 times? Will it tick 3 interdependently times, each for full value? Do I get LS for each case of rend? Does base LS stack with rends LS?
WotB is the best skill we have to kill elite packs. You´re at a huge disadvantage if you don´t use it unless you have superb gear, but even then it´ s the go to skill, if only because it gives us crowd control immunity.

Yes your armor is a bit low. You could get away with it if you used sprint and not engage into close combat that much. There´s better people at helping with gear, but consider getting strength wherever you can. More damage means monsters die faster, you take less damage. Strength gives you armor, less damage taken.

AS for your questions:
1. armor reduces all damage you take
2. physical resistance reduces just physical damage. Examples of physical damage are most normal monster smashes, blood clan impalers, desecrator.

They´re related in the sense of producing the resulting damage you take. Barbarians (and monks) have 30% damage reduction, then the monster damage is reduced by armor, resistance and melee/ranged/elite damage reduction.
So does armor reduce elemental damage too? How does it work? Additive or multiplicative?
My only problem with wotb is that I really dont have trouble on packs. Its on certain white mobs. The maloks, the heralds of pest that spit out green !@#$. With revenge, I can stand in molten while spamming rend/cleave at full hp, or close. I guess I could switch ignore pain for wotb but... I'll have to do some testing. Survivability is my focus atm.

Thanks for the post
So what should I look for in terms of gear? Better pants? Rings gotta wait. I'm at a stand still. I can farm act 3 from keep to end, including azomodan. but i die 5 times or so. what can i do so that i wont die, and farm abit quicker?
Lol you kiddie poolers and your "dying too much" problems. Like Chrono Triggr said, use leap (iron impact) so you can escape walls and have 300% armor for 4 seconds every 10 seconds. Also, I would never use the lifesteal passive over a real defensive one like nerves of steel or superstition.

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