DBoy187 & Acrimony's Gearing Service

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You're all being lied to. I bought this gear like maybe a week ago.... Not even. I have proof and I can show that to all of you. AND NO, the gems were not part of the deal.
11/07/2012 01:38 PMPosted by Jhoops
yo archimony wtf are you saying. I bought this gear like 5 days ago. I'll prove it by posting the paypal receipt for the gold, and I can show you the post that Dboy made on my thread just a week ago..... wtf are lying about son?

I have no inclination to help you if you're going to be aggressive. According to the information I have at hand, you approached DBoy to build the set well before the finish date.
100% a lie. I'll tell you exactly what happened. I made a thread about 7 days ago saying I wanted to buy a fully geared barb. Dboy contacted me and told me he build gear sets for people over time, and he had a set already put together that he'd been working on. He assured me that the gear was worth at least 700mill 7 days ago when I bought it from him on the spot. Everything else is a complete lie.
So unless the barb was worth 700 mill 7 days ago, and has lost all of its value over the course of one week, I was taken advantage of. Period.
In all fairness archimony, you're being lied to. The day I met the kid I bought the set. There was no time at all between our transaction. I can prove that as well.

I'm very confused. You said you brought the set on October 28th (and I see your post in this thread regarding it with the date stamp). That thread above (dated October 31st) mentions that you didn't have an off-hand with 1.4+ attack speed -- your EF has 1.44 attacks per second. It also mentions that the main hand needs base crit -- you have 91% on that axe.

What the hell is going on?
Okay, looks like I'm conflating different information.

Let me get the full facts together before I put both of my feet in my mouth. Wait about an hour or so, JHoops. We'll work out the details afterwards.
I accept the loss if I have to, but let me tell you this man... I want to make it clear to everyone that this is 100% a lie, and I was taken advantage of. All I'm asking you to do archimony is get your facts straight. If it had been as you said, I wouldn't be on here complaining. It was not. This person who you work with 100% undoubtedly took me for a ride, and based on that you're saying he's told you, I can now see that I was right about him. I'm sorry you guys had to lose so much business... I told the guy if he took care of me, and didn't take advantage of my ignorance upon resuming the game, that I'd send a lot of my friends to your service. when I told my friends about you guys, and showed them this gear (2 days ago) they all said I was scammed, laughed, and pretty much made me feel like !@#$. Thanks guys.
Hey DBoy and Trinxified. Would you mind take look @ my gear. I have around 200mi budgets and running a WW build. Stuck on what to upgrade next or replace. Add me in game. Appreciated.

I'm very confused. You said you brought the set on October 28th (and I see your post in this thread regarding it with the date stamp). That thread above (dated October 31st) mentions that you didn't have an off-hand with 1.4+ attack speed -- your EF has 1.44 attacks per second. It also mentions that the main hand needs base crit -- you have 91% on that axe.

What the hell is going on?

I have no idea what you're talking about. This is the exact set that I purchased from Dboy. I promise you that. And yes it was on october 31st.


and it did NOT come with the gems btw.
First off Jhoops approached me wanting help with his gear, I told him I was about to start working on a set and if he would be interested in it when I was finished with it. He said yes that would be perfect. He messages me all that day asking me if it would be done today and if he could see some items and we chatted for awhile, I showed him some items I was gonna purchase for the set and everything was looking good.
Now all of a sudden he starts going on about, Ive been scammed in the past and kept telling me about how hes always being ripped off. I really did not know what to say to the guy because I was wondering if he had even read my forum threads or what? Also I insured him that we could go over the items I would screen shot him the purchase history and also we can go over the AH and look at the prices of the items simular. He now told me it was fine and he would trust me and make the trade.

The trade was made on October 31st, He messaged me almost 30 minutes after the trade and started about the scam stuff again, He told me someone said his gloves were worth 5mill or somthing. I even told him this second time to go look on the AH the ONLY gloves even close to what he was wearing were 120mill at the time. And even told him if he was still enjoying the set, He said yes he loved it. If he had told me otherwise I would have given his money back right then.
Each day this guy messages me asks me questions about different stuff mainly Price checks, This guy seriously asks me to check every item hes found since hes been playing, Most of the time I just told him how much they were possibly worth and explain to him how to look up items on the AH to compare to what he has found. Well Yesterday, He messages me again, Asks me how much some rare spear is with Str,Vit, crit dmg and like 2.20% LS. I tell him To please stop asking me to price check everything and he needs to learn to use the AH for himself.

Ok Now the guy is upset with me? he talks to me almost every day on the game and now comes online and bashes my forum post? I just dont understand what this guys problem is, I have helped 100s of people and have never once had any problems. I offer screenshots of purchases to anyone who wants them. I really should of known better than to even mess with this guy he seemed a bit sketchy from the start, He first off threw up scamming before we even talked about the trade and then he refused to take the screenshot of purchase history or anything at all.
Anyways Here is a screenshot of the purchase history, Everything is here except One ring and the pants, which were purchased awhile back and were used in one of my personal sets.


Edit: I did message JHoops on a earlier post about him asking for help and we spoke by email about the gear first, I had to add this before JHoops has a cow hes spamming the crap out of me now calling me a %@!*!!* and everything else.
Sorry that my information isnt Perfect or correct, I do speak with 100s of people every week and I can quickly get overwhelmed and forget what exactly happen/was said.

How much do you think I will need to upgrade my gear to play WW Barb at MP6/7 easily?
After reviewing the facts and the circumstances behind some of the purchases between JHOOPS and DBoy187, I would like to state that I'm firmly behind DBoy with this. I will leave certain things out that came up in a conversation between myself and JHOOPS that allowed me to see through some of the inconsistencies I was getting from both sides.

I hope JHOOPS will move on after our conversation in game-chat.

Thanks for your support everyone. I'm still taking a break from the service!

I was reading through this Jhoops stuff today, and I don't get this guys' deal. While you have never done gearing service for me, I have read what a lot of people have said about your service and how appreciative EVERYONE is for the EXCELLENT service you provide.

So don't worry about it.

And if he continues harassing you, then report him for harassment.

His friends are probably just giving him a hard time because he paid someone to get him gear, and he didn't do it himself. He did say he had taken a 4 month hiatus, during which time, his friends probably played continuously, and now he comes back and has better gear than they have...jealousy ensues.

And one more thing, if Jhoops happens to see this post, when Jhoops says "I'll let the community decide" ... the community knows Acrimony. They know he is very knowledgeable about the Barb class and that he wouldn't work with a scammer. And for that matter, the community knows Dboy! People wouldn't trust him with 1bil+ gold if he wasn't 100% trustworthy.

So again I say to Dboy, don't worry about it. You are providing an excellent service to the community. Keep up the great work!!
Massive compliment. Thanks Jacked.
Would like to stand with Dboy187 and Acrimony on this one :)

Not much buget to avail of their service, but their helpful post alone is priceless to the Barb Community.

Lets be fair and stop the Bashing, Listen to the expert and the experienced one (or two :) )and youll have the last laugh (and not your friends) :)

Kudos to the team and mote power! :)
Hi Acrimony,

Can i know why did u choose sword for offhand?

A dagger gives tornedo more ticks, but why did u pick sword instead?
@ Vampire

From what I can tell of his gear, the stats on his sword in terms of attack speed rival that of any dagger which on average is about 1.6 attack speed. His has just above 1.5 putting it already at about the same worth of a dagger. Add in the fact that his sword has 100 int (which is 10 All Resist) 130 strength (which is a DPS boost) 100% crit damage naturally with an open socket (+100% more crit damage) and has innately 3% lifesteal? That makes it an incredibly rare incredibly high priced sword. Worth every penny as much as any dagger
As I stated before, these guys are LEGIT.

Dboy was also the one that helped me although I have no complaints. Dboy was professional, fast, efficient and honest. He even sent all the transactions to my e-mail because I wanted to have an idea of how much to spend for upgrades on each slot.

I checked them both the Pricelist and the Screenshots he sent me and they were pretty accurate.

Big vouch for them.

Tip for Dboy and trinxi: Take the screenshots of all the sets purchased just in case. May be a pain in the a$$ but it'll make easier to debunk people trying to ruin your reputation...

Keep the good work guys!

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