DBoy187 & Acrimony's Gearing Service

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@Mukk and @QuanCoa,

I'm glad you guys are liking the sets. Totally different setups from each other but definitely made it work quite well.
Just a curious question, are my gear good enough to follow acrimony's specs (WW + Rend + Weapon Throw)? If not, then what should I work on?
Went beating some Uber with 2 barbs and they stun lock the boss with Weapon Throw (wa!) LOL
Awesome job you did on the gear sets Trinx. Andariels is such a good Dps helm, I cant understand why I dont see more people using them.
i guess because molten can be a !@#$% for a lot of barbs and the additional % fire damage doesnt do any good. also, you lose the base %life bonus you would get from a mempo or an IK helm. only reason why i could see someone not using them
I am stuck as for what to upgrade. I know I need crit helm and crit bracer, but those will cost me an arm and a leg if I want to get higher dps.

Do you have an suggestion for me as for what to do?

I paid about 900k for my barb so far, and I dunno what to get next. I primarily snipe gear, instead of getting it buyout. I normally snag stuff for half price or way less.

I know I'm not end game, butttttt, yaknow... I have 68k dps unbuffed, and ~40k hp.

I guess a vile ward, and a decent IK belt?

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