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someone doesnt have a sense of humor
I started up a thread about the difficulties of being a monk(or anything besides a barb) in the new mp10 for those interested. I discuss a few of the reasons barbs are so insanely better than everyone, but I'm sure we are all fully aware at this stage.
From what I see in multiplayer games, there is no build diversity for any class. 99% of players use the exact same skills. Why? because 99% of the skills are worthless.

wizards = crit mass
barbs = double ww
monk = overawe wind
w dr = summon/zombie bear
dh = Trail of cinders

There are a few variations, but it is usually only one or two skills. The only difference between anyone's characters are the items. We need to be able to customize our stats. The fact that we cannot is ludicrous. There is NO customization, sadly. Hopefully the expansion will introduce some of these badly missing features.
So 99% build like that? Well that explains why a lot of people are complaining and everything seems alright to me. I play all 5 classes all in the pargon levels, Yet I do not use any of the builds you list.

I'm actually waiting for this patch to make it easier to beat the game with my wiz and dh. I beat it handily with monk and barb, well on my way with wd.

Here's my monk build.!XdU!ZZbacc

You alternate the two primary attacks for the dodge and armor bonus, keep the mantra and breath of heaven going at all times. Spam your mantra as much as you can to get the extra dodge bonus. hit 7 strike as soon as the cooldown is over. The backlash rune will be going off constantly with your high dodge wiping out crowds with no problem.

You have 2 healing skills in there, in addition to potion. Add a little LOH, and one weapon with spirit regen, then just look for gear with dex, vit, res, armor/strength, and you should be good to go.

You could beat the game on MP0 with average gear. Better gear of course yields better results.
10/11/2012 12:22 PMPosted by Sonnygll
Yet I do not use any of the builds you list.

seven sided strike and mantra spam are the only skills worth spending spirit on
1) Make 1 dex = .5 armor for all classes
2) Leave the STI 50% nerf
3) Unnerf enchantress
4) Make spirit generation scale up with DPS
5) ....
6) Profit
10/10/2012 08:56 PMPosted by Rakt
they took this thread off the most popular discussions

its no longer popular. hard to keep up the outrage

lol yet it has more pages then the other discussions? Someone should make a new thread and get it to 30
For those who love The Monk and want to see so far the best proposed and even through out Monk changes... then check out Durin and StrikerDude in

It has been posted here once b4 and a Blue said they would check it out but hell might as well give an update.
Sadly, I fear that all 1.05 is going to do is cause a lot of Monk players to hang up their fists. Oh sure, all of the heavily geared Monks will do well, those who have alternate farming characters or were just exceedingly lucky with drops, but the mid and low tier monks will be frustrated either dying repeatedly or being relegated to lower MP levels (or none at all). Blizzard has repeatedly stated that they feel monks have sufficient "power" but they have not once discussed monk survivability and what the defensive reductions mean to current monks. Sixty-seven pages of genuine concern and counting and, instead of spending a few more words discussing monk suvivability, they have the time to write a rather long blog post about Monster Power and how exciting it is and all the bonuses that will be imparted to players. I have to admit, it's a bit of a slap in the face to the grand majority of Monk players.

Now, if any Monk's felt like slapping back we could always start charging other classes for Mantra services. I mean, at the higher MP levels even mid-tiered characters of other classes have trouble without Overawe helping things out. What do you say? Is 250,000G / hr a good starting point? ;-)
Well just tested the ptr for few more hours, and this thread is already expanded for feedbak ill put my feedback on ptr here.

As far as it go for the "defensive nerfs" meaning seize the iniatiative, i had no problems with it, i was already expecting it, and ive been runing act on 1.04 without seize for testing, sure my monk can be considered in "high end" gear, less geared monks may feel the changes more heavly.
Monster powers above 5 are really chalenging, makes you play on your toes insted of right clicking everything to death, it seems that fire chains affix is dealing more damage on those levels what is a good thing becouse since 1,04 that affix could simply be ignored.

The patch is adding much more depth to the game in therm of were to farm and how to build your charcter towards that, im not gonna discuss class changes that i wish to happen becouse the other posters already said enough imo.

The only thing that is bad, maybe strangely desined, is the reflect damage affix, of course im aware that its no loguer dodgable so i would fell it more heavly, thats not exactly the case, some reflecting monsters , dont reflect enought to overcome my lifesteal (2,4%) some barelly do and my life starts to drain slowly, and some completly and utterlly obliterate me with no chance at all, to the point i cant touch then without loosing 1/3 of my hitpoints, its really weird. This can happen in any mp i tested then all across the board, meaning the reflect power is not correlated to mp levels. More on that i was standing at 637 all resist, and 4400 armor (w/ new enchantress buff), 151k base dps.

Other than that, i feel that the hp scalling might be a litle overtuned but nothing system braking.

Your monk is the epitome of high end with 151K dps and a full set if Inna's.

At a minimum your wearing a billion gold worth of items. Or 550 USD if you bought a billion in gold on the RMAH.

Side note I did some quick shopping on the RMAH and the best results are buying the gold on RMAH and then buying the item on the gold AH. Odd but true.

I personally don't like the change to Reflect Damage. I don't know about other Monks but the greatest damage vs elites are the affixes. Reflect Damage was the only affix that dodge helped against. Now only armor and resist work for all the affixes and those are getting getting significantly decreased.

It is contrary to me that the barbarian whose best attacks rely on movement has STR as the base stat. Meanwhile best attacks for Monks are all ones where you stay in place and relies on DEX as the base stat.
Just because you have plans that aren't fully developed yet for the monk is a valid reason for us being gimped for an entire patch? When you could do some simple band-aid fixes here and there to make the Monk on the level of other classes?

How could you possibly think this is ok? If you're still trying to say that monks are "just fine" then I have no idea what will make you see they're not when essentially the entire monk community on the PTR are saying otherwise.

In my opinion Blizzard plays dirty !!!

Please see the link from my Monk,with which I burn and shatters on 1.0.4 and that cost me hours and hours of gameplay and spent Millions of gold and patience and to all Blizzard mistakes that we had to hold ! And now after all, what we get !?? Especially those of us who play with Monk,for example now I can not even play MP3 with my crummy equipment, that cost me so much !
Because,currently experience that I play on the PTR is so miserable that If everything stays like this I definitely stops playing D3,simply because I have no more time and nerves to put so much effort into the game !
Well that's my experience on the PTR !
We feel that monks are in a decent place at the moment, and are a solid class in terms of power, but there are some things that we would like to address with the class. Namely: we would like to delve deeper into fulfilling the fantasy of what it means to be a monk.

Currently, monks spend a lot of their time applying an assortment of DPS buffs through the use of utility and survivability buttons. The bulk of monk damage comes from very passive gameplay, like healing yourself to get a damage buff, or applying Sweeping Winds and not looking at it again. We want to give players who enjoy the fantasy of being a blur of fists and feet a more active playstyle, and we’d love to play up some other fun mechanics as well.

For example, one possibility we’re considering is changing one of Dashing Strike’s runes to allow players to travel further with the skill so that it can serve as a mobility tool, but at the cost of imposing a cooldown. Another possibility we’re exploring is making Lashing Tail Kick feel more compelling by moving the knockback component to a rune, or changing a rune to remove the knockback and instead increase the damage more meaningfully. These types of changes are not minor tweaks, however. We want to make sure we take some time to make meaningful changes that improve the overall play experience for these sacred warriors.

A fantasy experience? You have GOT to be kidding me. This is not D&D and I sure as hell don't play this game for a stoic/passive experience. Basically, what you jsut said is that monks are worthless as characters and would be better served as a HIRELING for another character in a multiplayer game. Blur of fists? Give us a skill that is a blur of fists that is actually USEFUL. Blur of feet? In order to use the most OP gear in the game you're suaully left with... 0-12% move speed? Hell, most people play the monk just because the barb looks like some 70-year-old !@#$%^-*! on steroids and couldn't care less about the fantasy fact of the game. We just want a decent @#$%ing character- my god. What about some type of Ki Strike skill or rune modification that expends all of your remaining spriit to do an insane amount of damage? Hows that for fantasy monk play? The barbs have it, and I don't see how a skill like this is more sutiable to a barb skill.

What we REALLY need is Mantra of Conviction or Mantra of Healing to add LIFE STEAL instead of useless amounts of life on hit. THEN we could have build diversity.
Oh people,... the main boss for D3, plays Barba, so normally Barabar. is the best clas in D3 and have the best skills!! ....poor guy !!!!
And that is our Thanks for nothing !!!!
Worst of all, I had good equipment with which, perhaps, could have played satisfactorily on the PTR, but I sold it to buy a Innas set ... irony!

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