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piss off, this thread belongs to the monks.
Tell us kindly the good reason in nerfing the defense passives when 90% of monk's passives

Just so that I know that we're on the same page, have you had the opportunity to read this developer journal, yet? (It was written a few weeks ago, so it may have been missed.)

It goes pretty in depth into why we're making changes to defensive skills, and breaks down each change class-by-class.

These nerf would not be a problem if Monks (as a class) would have any alternative option to compensate the loss. To get back the armor we have now, we'll need the dodge mantra with +20% armor, Keen Eye on deadly reach with it's 50% armor buff, and the encantress. The other option (the one I'd prefer) is to change my build somehow to increase my damage, and by this, lower the lifetime of my enemies, so they cannot hit me as many times (and thanks to the defensive skills like Serenity or Blind, even SSS), I can stay alive and finish them off faster, and I don't have to run around, waiting for cooldowns. This is how I prepared for 1.05, by totally dropping Seize the Initative, increasing my damage and moving my survivability from stats to (game) skills and (my) skills and knowledge. Check my profile, I'm sure you can easily figure out how my build works. However, if my damage appears to be low (and with Monster Power incoming, this is likely to happen), I have only dodge to rely on, until my skills are up again, and I may have some spirit left (which, I cannot generate by generator skills, because I have to run around waiting for cooldowns in order to survive. Non regenerating pool makes resource managment a bigger problem for Monks than any other classes).

So, back to where I started: STI nerf would be okay, if we'd have any alternative to compensate this loss. I described how I try to do that, but in fact we have no offense based passives, almost not even active skills. We have sweeping wind, SSS, some build may uses the Bell (not worth it without exalted soul, thanks to the bad resource pool "EDIT: Generators are incredibly slow, especially way of the hundred fists, the difference between their hitbox is just so huge, 90% of them are just obselete") and that's it. Everything just gives numbers, buffs to our game. I think this is why You guys look into redesigning a lot stuff, starting with Dashing Strike and the spinning kick. Sadly, I can't imagine dashing strike as a viable alternative for SSS, bell, sweeping wind, or anything else in PvE, this skill is clearly designed for PvP. The spinning kick however, can be a good alternative with good changes. Looking forward to these changes, but please understand that removing at least 1/3 of our passives from the game simply wouldn't make a difference, and this is the biggest problem. With totally new passives, existing active skills CAN be made more useful.
From what I see in multiplayer games, there is no build diversity for any class. 99% of players use the exact same skills. Why? because 99% of the skills are worthless.

wizards = crit mass
barbs = double ww
monk = overawe wind
w dr = summon/zombie bear
dh = Trail of cinders

There are a few variations, but it is usually only one or two skills. The only difference between anyone's characters are the items. We need to be able to customize our stats. The fact that we cannot is ludicrous. There is NO customization, sadly. Hopefully the expansion will introduce some of these badly missing features.

^ This
Still nothing new on Monk Class...might as well wait for 1.06 whenever that's going to be 2013 to get anything headed in the right direction...

Meanwhile if you aren't playing PTR and want some good practice, find a PG with 3 low DPS players and carry them through an act run:)
Who's ready to get !@#$ on tomorrow?
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Level 99 Necromancer unleashed!

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