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10/03/2012 07:31 PMPosted by Collateral

Same here, lucky that my gear is transferable to my DH.

Adios Monk, it was fun hoping for a buff to bring us up to par with the other characters, only to be crushed flat today

You're crazy. Don't you see, there's a fatal problem with your plan: Demon Hunters aren't Barbs.

Blizzard logic:

Some people aren't using many barb passives... these barb skills are underused... LET'S DOUBLE THEM!

Animosity? Only 10% extra Fury? DOUBLE IT!
Inspiring Presence? Only 1% health per second? DOUBLE IT?
Unforgiving only 1 Fury every 2 Seconds? let's DOUBLE IT. Then DOUBLE IT AGAIN!

Oh, People are always using the same three monk passives. What should we do? Let's look at their best ones and NERF them!

I just don't get it. When Barbs are pigeon holed they buff their other skills. When other classes are they nerf the good ones.

It would make sense if barbs were bottom of the barrel... but they're the exact opposite.

10/03/2012 05:59 PMPosted by sicfreak91
The blue said they are at the level of other classes in POWER. Monks ARE more powerful then say barbs. There single target dps is unmatched and they have very good aoe dmg skills like Thunder Clap. They are working on the speed of Monks, hence considering making Dashing Strike be used at farther distanced targets for a extra movement buff. Wtf is wrong with your guys? Relax, think, and re-read posts a bit.

How absolutely insightful coming from a Barb with no Monk.

You're horribly wrong on all accounts, but it was still insightful.
What are these guys smoking? Seems like all the suggestions we've all made were ignored yet again,because we're as powerful as Barbs??? Are they even playing the same game???

Another massive fail to add to the long list...

And.. BTW Incorporated,yeah I'd feel better if my monk had your gear,but unfortunately,most don't... Don't want to get into droprates or itemization,but 17K elite kills,700+ hours played,I've yet to find a set piece of any kind or item that would sell for more than a few hundred K. Not a lot of complaints from those doing 75 or 100K dmg,(or with the $ to blow on RMAH) but for the *average* Monk,this patch is a death sentence..
sure, I wish we can Insta Kill Tempest Rush mobs the way Barbs WW through them.
RIP Monk.
No mention of the LACK of build diversity and the pathetic state of our passives.

10/03/2012 05:35 PMPosted by Vaeflare
These types of changes are not minor tweaks, however. We want to make sure we take some time to make meaningful changes that improve the overall play experience for these sacred warriors.

In short, we're stuck with the same, boring build/gameplay for a long time. Expect changes to the "decent" monk next year.
Sigh, wtf are the devs smoking?... either share with the rest of us or give us some love. We've got the worst resource system possible, our passives are all crap and they nerf our only good ones...
WTB spirit on dodge
WTB some sort of proc coefficient on SW since EVERY monk uses SW
WTB 75%dex->armor STI instead of 50% since dodge sucks compared to int/str bonuses

Love being the barbs crippled little brother.

My suggestion for you to appease the monk community:

Introduce a skill with cool down called: SAVE THE EARTH a.k.a. Salvage the Junks

Upon activation, the monk frantically throws out each and every piece of identified rare items in his bag, dealing massive damage to the monsters around him. The identified items will be destroyed, but with a 50% chance of being rerolled as a new unidentified same base item with new affixes. There is also a chance that it would rolled up from rare to legendary/ set items.

With this skill, outside my normal farming, at least I can make a few green trips to recycle my trashful of junks.

10/03/2012 06:17 PMPosted by Sxy

Didn't you get the memo? They only want barbs to have the most OP synergy and skills. They don't give a !@#$ about wizards and monks.

Like iv posted in a few threads

My wizard is nearly indestructible in 1.04 and 1.05PTR

this game is NOT diablo 2 Its a fairly new game still and will get patched numerous more times to try and compensate for all these people complaining about a class they obviously haven't PLAYED enough to learn..

Honest truth

Monks Suck- Slow useless Just basically fun to play WHICH IS WHAT BLUE WAS SAYING they are not a "farming" Char they are a lets go run over here and punch this 10000000 times till it dies.

Barb - Over powered Boring miss too many drops face rolling a3. Stripped barb shortly after 1.04

Witchdoctor- Cant really speak for but all the WD friends iv played with are Over powered and just kinda run around using bears and summons

DH- Fun Overpowered 1 hit wonders.. speaking from both ends.. 1 hit monsters/get 1 hit by monsters

Wizard is the Easiest class to Farm/Level/Play/Gear and honestly the new patch CUTS 5 mins from my a3 farming rout lol too easy... making a3 ML5 runs take 15-20 mins...

So people need to play and gear all classes before complaining that THEIR build on THEIR class has a problem.. iv played everything except WD and honestly people need to learn how to adapt to the changes not complain about them.. Go play a little more and learn something new rather then following the builds that 500000 other people use

Yes my "archon" wizard is another popular build, but people dont Gear/Skill them properly

Notice in patch notes how when they first released 1.05 notes they said that like 70 % of wizards are using prismatic...THAT'S why it got nerfed Its not needed i haven't used it since I got the game a month and a half ago..

Yes this is a RANT ISO 1.05 RELEASED enough listening to people complain about their crappy builds getting nerfed... LEARN NEW SKILLS AND MOVE ON. OR

Do community a favor

Lol this is very funny.

First of all, you can't claim people haven't played other classes by simply looking at a profile. People have friends and people use their friends characters for fun to see what it's like..I know because I do this.

1. I have played my Monk
2. I have played my friends Wiz (150K unbuffed DPS, 1000+ life regen)
3. I have played my friends DH (175K w/o ss)
4. I have played my friends Barb (do I really need to comment here?)

Never personally played a WD, but grouped up with them a lot.

There is a reason why people use the same builds. Whether you like or not, there are A LOT of competitive people in this game. Everyone wants the best gear and money, and as such, that means people want the most efficient build to farm and survive. This is why I lol'd at your comment "learn new skills" - why would you want to use a skill that is LESS efficient than another? WTF???

When you find the most efficient build, why wouldn't you use it?

Also, Monks aren't that fun when you have extremely limited build options.

Your quick to say learn new skills, yet you are quick to admit you are using the class that is easiest to farm and gear. Note: not my opinion, quoting you.

1.Monk able to channel four major element i.e Earth, Water, Air & Fire. Greater amplification of elemental damage & radius. Item specific elemental bonuses eg. Schaefer Two-Hander.

2.Speed. In martial discipline, Monk is fastest both in attack & avoidance roll. Short burst of power, added range & radius as of currently is fine but first hit are deadliest it should send "shockwaves" reeling effects upon target(s). Dodge due to Monk's near-superhuman speed it literally absorb (deflect) damage, it should be as in "Dodge" value + Armor (as in Physical Threshold) but not against non-physical threat.

3.Fist Attack (example): A massive one hit, bypass Armor. Character becomes immobile for one second as penalty. This could be activate once when Uniques Monster health below 15%.

4.Parry Kick, transfer of energy then release: This could serve as one time cancellation of fatal blow with devastating reflect damage.

5.Steps of Pheonix: Combo martial art movement... 1 step 2 step 3 side 4 back 5 then short dash 6. Can be activate only after using No.4, for example.

6.Lore-like Idle animation.


I would so play that class! Instead I have a Skunk WTF Blizz

Really... How nice :) Thanks.

Oh btw Chuck Norris loves that No.3, Bruce Lee on No.4 minus the cat like grunt lol.

This could be some sort of Special Icon that flash upon active state, click or hotkey it to release related maneuver. It won't take up Skill Slots of 1 to 6. This isn't Rune based also, more like Racial Class specific bonuses. WD, Barb, Wiz & DH have their own tie-ups. Gender is a factor by means of power for male against threshold for female.
P.S. no changes to active skills will make monks "compelling" compared to barbs.

the passives are just brokenly poor
Sigh, wtf are the devs smoking?... either share with the rest of us or give us some love. We've got the worst resource system possible, our passives are all crap and they nerf our only good ones...
WTB spirit on dodge
WTB some sort of proc coefficient on SW since EVERY monk uses SW
WTB 75%dex->armor STI instead of 50% since dodge sucks compared to int/str bonuses

Love being the barbs crippled little brother.

WTB some sort of proc coefficient on SW since EVERY monk uses SW

Actually really like this. Cyclones have procs but they are single target dps. Run with the wind is aoe dps.. Hmmm???
I can't wait for all the people who've said they will leave to leave. It will be much nicer around here.
Procs on SW will never happen. If they put procs on SW, it will encourage people to keep on using it, almost making it mandatory.
As someone who doesn't have a monk, I have no desire to get one. It does seem that they don't really provide anything a barb doesn't. Hell, with Frenzy I probably attack faster than monks does, which just seems weird. The lack of any passive that buffs damage dealing is bad design and something that should have been addressed in 1.04.

If Blizzard can get them into super fast punching machines, I might consider rolling one. But until that happens they'll be last on my list of classes to get to 60.
We feel that monks are in a decent place at the moment, and are a solid class in terms of power, but there are some things that we would like to address with the class. Namely: we would like to delve deeper into fulfilling the fantasy of what it means to be a monk.

Currently, monks spend a lot of their time applying an assortment of DPS buffs through the use of utility and survivability buttons. The bulk of monk damage comes from very passive gameplay, like healing yourself to get a damage buff, or applying Sweeping Winds and not looking at it again. We want to give players who enjoy the fantasy of being a blur of fists and feet a more active playstyle, and we’d love to play up some other fun mechanics as well.

For example, one possibility we’re considering is changing one of Dashing Strike’s runes to allow players to travel further with the skill so that it can serve as a mobility tool, but at the cost of imposing a cooldown. Another possibility we’re exploring is making Lashing Tail Kick feel more compelling by moving the knockback component to a rune, or changing a rune to remove the knockback and instead increase the damage more meaningfully. These types of changes are not minor tweaks, however. We want to make sure we take some time to make meaningful changes that improve the overall play experience for these sacred warriors.

You are suggesting "mobility" tools which is not what we want. Who would want to use DR, which is our range attack, to move? How about improving our survival, our our primary skills?

Also, am I reading too much into you saying "applying Sweeping Winds and not looking at it again", because I would hate see SW mechanic getting nerfed. That is the only real dps source that we actually use at high levels, so please let it stay "boring"...
This is a very discouraging blue post in this thread.

I'm glad you acknowledge that the monk's "playstyle" is holding the left mouse button down and recasting buffs, but there are other issues as well.

Everything is passive.
Defense, offense, it's all outside of player control. (like dodge)
And the defensive part is getting gutted.

Monk damaging abilities are so insignificant that a +15% damage buff is taken over them.

The monk's major non-cooldown attack is 390% weapon damage for half of our resource bar. In the time spent casting the bell the average monk would have auto-attacked with Thunderclap a few times for equal if not superior damage (with life on hit benefits).

Yeah, life on hit, the thing monks depend on to live.
The monk class has far worse healing abilities than the barbarian. I'm sure that makes sense to someone, but not me.

I'd change the resource system and give monks some way to reduce damage with abilities.
I dont have a barb. After reading this, lets sell my monk gear and move to barb.
10/03/2012 05:44 PMPosted by harryscroter
ok kids, this is a great example of how you can say absolutely nothing in 3 paragraphs... learning is fun!!!!

haha at both that blues statement and your name tag. Monk i so boring and overly defensive and underwhelmingly offensive. ya most of its fury generators are aoe attacks but the dps is just lackluster compared to other classes. and wth is w. the hand of ytarr or whatever rune that causes tail kick to become a overhead palm projectile that does CRAP dmg.
So maybe I will just give up on my monk and finish leveling that barbarian...

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