Demon Hunter
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Do you really need Bat Companion? It seems like having one of the Caltrops skills available for utility would be nice, or even a small nuke effect like Impale or Cluster Arrow. Not sure, perhaps the bat is necessary, but I'd be willing to try something different in that slot.

Also, you've gotta upgrade those bracers, man. Get yourself some high dex/AR/Crit bracers in some combination, they aren't too expensive (especially if you just limit yourself to Dex and crit and just forego the AR for the time being). You should kill things fast enough that losing 60 or so AR shouldn't hurt much or at all, considering the increase in killing power you'd gain from upgrading those bracers.

You're on the right track with your DH, but you're definitely going to need to work on raising your resists, HP, and armor especially for higher MP where it will be more sustained fights rather than few second encounters.

You've broken the 100k non-SS mark (although that's with steady aim as well, and you won't always have that distance), but you can improve your weapon to either a dual socket manti or one with single socket, but higher dps, and more innate crit damage. Also, a decent DML should give you decent boost to your overall damage as well.
@Xenophis: good working on getting high dps, but I think it really came at the cost of survivability for you. I would seriously recommend getting a bit more life, and maybe some resistances and armor too.

(All kidding aside, really cool build)

My hatred basically regenerates instantly with bat companion now. I started using it when I partied up with a bunch of WW Barbs for farm runs, and it was annoying to run out of hatred and have no AoE attacks to contribute, especially at the rate at which we farm.

I'm open to new bracers, but currently I'm enjoying the extra EHP boost and the pick-up radius. I do most of my kills facerolling ToC into mobs, so that's why I lean towards the defense side. As for caltrops, I don't really kite so I've never really had a need. I'll try it out and see whats up.
@ Plex

I think you need more IAS and Dex bro.

very nice build u got there, good overall build n damage
Got some new gear on my Demon hunter. Thoughts about my gear and build would be appreciated. What do i need to change ?
@ Xenophis

Thanks for the input, slowly building towards that goal with whatever gold I can accumulate.
10/12/2012 06:01 AMPosted by Down
@ HenryHung, your look pretty sold. Some movement speed on the boots might help. Not sure if upping the gems would be worth the $

my movement speed already at 24% (from inna's temperance + lacuni prowlers). this game has max 25%, so I don't see the need for extra 1% :D

Your armor is way too low. Bump that up to at least 4k to match your all res and hp. Also you can do with a better weapon. Very good overall. You should consider getting an all res inna's belt. Will increase your DPS a lot for a small health loss.
prolly u could use a vile ward, could boost ur atk n defence as well, oops meant that at henry.... urs is way perfect
@smoke & @hornie
Thanks for the inputs. Yeah I think my armor is way too low, not enough to be balanced at 10:1 :P.

I will try to look for inna's belt, but I probably more towards using witching hour.
Just upgraded a lot of stuff (had 200 million, most of all time by FAR for me).

Henry, nice AR, though I'd sacrifice some for more DPS. Nice build.
@ Surfinn

Nice stuff, though I can't say I'm fond of the lack of movespeed :D

To each his own though, GL!
@ Surfinn

Nice stuff, though I can't say I'm fond of the lack of movespeed :D

To each his own though, GL!

It was a tough decision, but I still have 12% movement speed, which is plenty for me. :)

Just realized that I accidentally stacked intel and got a free 75 AR! Was wondering why my resistances showed up buffed in game. :p
Nice Legacy Nats you got there, I especially love your Armor 162 vit 7% life damn... you can never have enough Vit. I'd rate it 9/10 - only because new ammys and rings are coming out :D
i would keep it where it is but up your dex.
not too shabby kaye, just slowly keep upgrading piece by piece, more crit dmg, cc, and dex ur vit and resists are pretty good already
@ blkdrgn

incredible DH. excellent stats overall, nothing i can say. you might have one or two things you can just max on different items, but the +20-30 of one thing or another would be worth the several hundred million imo

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