Demon Hunter
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Xeno, wow on the tank ability. How long does it take to bring down elites in act 3 - 4 with only 23k DP's? Sorry if this was already asked but I have finished all 24 pages just yet.

Not bad at all. Work on getting that last nat piece to get more disc. DML for a quiver. Belt can be ten times better. Gems can use an upgrade. Bump up on all res and health. Crit chance is way too low. You can hit that 100k dps mark with a couple of simple upgrades.

Very nice setup you have, love the amulet as I am hunting for one my self(still have my mf). I would say save up the money for a 1250+double socket manticore, maybe look for 150+dex Nat's Soul Legacy, and upgrade your Vile Wards with Vit+Life% if you can afford it down the road. Overall very nice, and not much to critique. Keep up the great work!!
Hi which areas can I improve? Bearing in mind I want mf to farm too.
prolly by increasing ur h, ur damage is already good for a mf build, and try to increase armor as well
All in all, a solid build w/ great survival. Your health and armor are good. Your res all is a little less than optimal, but your awesome 2k+ life regen more than makes up for it.

As far as active skills go, there's not much to say. For passives, I really like how you are being creative and using brooding and nightstalker rather than the standard passives.

That said, I would suggest you look into getting some gear with Max discipline, which might allow you to switch out nightstalker for for a damage passive; remember, Monster Power will be coming soon :) For example, I have 50 - 59, depending on ammy choice, max discipline and I rarely run out of discipline when fighting champ and elite packs.

Kudos for not just going for big DPS numbers at the expense of build creativity/strategy.

Edit: I have no suggestions for you on which items to upgrade as they would just be marginal improvements. Obviously when the next patch drops we'll all be searching for the new ilvl 63 affix rings :)
not bad gear redcell, just need to upgrade each piece slowly, but take ur time to find a nice piece that fits ur budget

If you want a MF build, your standard pants are gonna be Depth Diggers or Blackthorne's Jousting Mail. Both of these have default 19-20% MF affixes.

Depth Diggers have higher resistance (71-80), but if I were you I'd go with the Jousting Mail, like mine. It's 10-12% life bonus, so you'll get back a majority of the vitality you'd lose from your current pants. Your Dex may or may not increase, depending on what Dex roll you find. The other thing, though, is if you get a second Blackthorne's piece for a 100 vitality boost.
10/13/2012 09:52 AMPosted by KoO
not bad gear redcell, just need to upgrade each piece slowly, but take ur time to find a nice piece that fits ur budget

Replace Leoric's Signet with something with Dex to clear that 500k DPS.... ;)

Awesome gear. What is your DPS without SS? It might be worth removing it and putting something else like Vengeance or Night Stalker for more Disc. Also, for hatred generation if you could fit the crow into your build you might not need to use Preparation for Hatred Gen...

Those are just ideas. You're playing a character much more powerful than me so what do I know...Once ToC is nerfed to oblivion tho there will be room for something new, and the change to Perfectionist seems worthwhile if survivability is important to you.
You gear is look good. I would upgrade weapon gem. I always tell myself that the weapon gem should be the most exspensive unless it is the ruby in the helm.

decent nat legacy DH =)
would work on getting hp to about 30k if possible
also, not too sure ur budget and the market rate, but ur nat soul could get some dex and ur DML could get better atk spd =)
just my two cents!
I do ok in act 2 struggle in 3 what should i do first?
Get more CC and a higher DPS bow
Get more CC and a higher DPS bow

Not too bad at all. Get the newer inna's set. Will boost your DPS quite a bit. Aim for more all resist. 20% DML and I would go for 45%+ crit dmg on the gloves instead of the attack speed.
@Smokes52, i envy your gear o.o
@projectAI, youre learning from the best & not using sharp shooter! Kudos! Up your crit chance and work on your CD to maximize your damage output. Great speed with your DW DH =)
Nice setup, just shoulders and a helm socket away from pretty OP. Rings are slightly questionable but @ 200k who the hell cares
A lot squishier than I like to run, but great DPS. Boots could have more other attributes
How do you find invigoration on the Prep Rune?
@skooter, nice mf set
but do u have gear with ar for 1.05?

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