Orange is the new yellow

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so you find a item that is suposed to be rare to find, 1-2 everyday, when i was playing that game they where hard to find,THEY ARE SUPOSED to be hard to find.

And blizz made then so it dosent turn out like d2 where people would only wear LEGENDARY.

they wherent suposed to be the godliest thing in game.

in fact people asked for it.

i guess with all the qq of i want everything and i want now they decided to make the legendary drop more often....

meabe with some more qq they will make the green drop more often, they will be the new legendary, and blizz will create a new item class, wich u will have to qq to make it drop more often, and then it will become the new set item.

do that tilt u can gear ur toon with the godliest gear in like 2 week... this game, a game that only ABOUT grinding item will be so fun...

i come time to time to see how the game is going, but this post, just proved me that it reaching new deepness in the sea, meabe 1 of these day it will reach Mariana Trench...

Unplug your keyboard. Never use it again. Your butchering of the English language hurts my eyes. If English isn't your second language, then don't bother typing at all.

and because english is my second language i should just close myself to the world, bad troll 0/10, and not worth talking to you again.

I don't need BiS items all over my character. I like loot hunting. But it is done poorly in D3. Finding an upgrade is oppressively hard, and quirky side-grades don't exist.

yea lol, i cant argue with that
Back in my days Epic items could be anything... White runeworded,Blue Jewelers,Epic Yellows,Suprising Orange Awesome Greens and not to forget the best of the best Powerfull Gold... no wonder why legendary suck now... they are freacking brown

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