Name The Next Upgrade for the Wizard Above#3!

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Thanks for the advice. Which is the better Triumvirate or The Oculus for source? Is the higher cost of The Oculus worth it?
OK, I've played this game for a while but never been on this forums so I don't get what you mean by "black" weapon and APoC? Sorry. Any explanation would be great.
In terms of build, glass cannon over cold blooded?
Black Weapon = No Elemental Damage (Has Min Max)
APoC = Arcane Power on Crit

More Crit Chance on Rings, Amulet, Helm and Bracers.
New Chest plate with higher stats and resists.
He means a weapon with no elemental damage. Your weapon currently has 557-1022 damage, of which 256-579 is attributed as holy damage. A black weapon has no such elemental property.

This is important because Triumvirate adds elemental damage that only affects 'black' damage, in other words damage that doesn't have an elemental property.

got beaten to it so...
You should significantly increase your crit/ias if you are sticking with melee post patch. Completing your chants set would be a place to start. Your res/vit are very good but your armor is lacking. In any case, get your APoC/Crit/IAS in check before worrying about anything else.
How much APS should I aim for going with CM in the next patch? I am currently at 2.17 with Enchantress. Also do I need all three pieces with APoC, because if not I will probably get a Chantodo's without APoC.

Also, try and get some higher intelligence on your Bracers if you can.
If i were you id be upgrading your weapon to have a socket with Crit Damage gem, will boost your dps a lot.
More resists, but if you don't care about resists, 6/6/6 Trium

Also, is Inna's Pants a good upgrade for me even though I'd lose 4k life and 70 resists?
Any suggestions outside of my amulet, rings and chest?
10/15/2012 08:15 PMPosted by BuSH
Any suggestions outside of my amulet, rings and chest?

Yea you should pick Terran and make marines.

You'll find all the info you're looking for here:
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I can only view your sc2 profile, you'll have to change it by clicking on the down arrow beside your name
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Play more ladder games and build cannons in opponents base

@BoshyTime get int and all res on rings and possibly a Zuni set

edit: I have a 22% SoJ but currently have my max DPS gear on
Should be fixed?
can anyone give me some pointers for upgrade? maybe without breaking the bank if possible? thanks!
You're doing pretty good... maybe more ias? I not really sure where you should go next.

I'm gonna have to say body piece with int/AR/Vit/3 sockets. They have come WAAAAAY down in price since 1.04

Ha, even I can tell the only thing worth upgrading on your gear is the ring with new 1.0.5 stats.

nice gear man!
Can someone help me with my gear? D:

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