Name The Next Upgrade for the Wizard Above#3!

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i would switch to a 1hander + source to get alot more attack speed.
Oh my gear and spec is very optimized. I bet you can figure it out if you spend a second to think about it ;).

Pub leecher build! :D

Get some jewelry with higher +dmg and crit or cc with int.

I can really use help on my wiz, don't have a lot of gold, just finished inferno, outside of diablo kill being 10 times harder then the dh, not much of an issue getting there. Don't have a lot a gold, maybe 4m, really confused what to upgrade next
Socket your ring.
@Storm: If you are dead set on using Meteor, you need APoC. Get a new helm or source with it.
@ storm -- you want a black damage weapon to pair with triumvirate i think.
@eddavatar - bracers could have a little more %CC?
Not really, I used meteor for diablo kill, had blizzard/cold damage passive before that. Just trying out meteor now with act 3 farming, not sure at the moment if I am going to stick with it.
10/08/2012 11:31 AMPosted by Scottw
@eddavatar - bracers could have a little more %CC?

This bracer is transitional until I can afford a CC/AR Lacuni. With this one, the key reason why I wear this is for the AR/Armor.

Sell your pants, buy some with base int. Replace your gloves with something like 120 int, 8.5 crit, 27% crit dmg.

Edit: @Eddavatar

Pub leaching sounds terrifying. Most of my leaching involves following around this guy:
Need suggestions on what armor to upgrade right now thanks! :D

Pub leaching sounds terrifying. Most of my leaching involves following around this guy

I'm just kidding :)
@Fuzzy Wuzzy

I would either look to add crit damage to your weapon, or to add all resist to your zuni boots. After that, I would look towards getting a crit pair of prowlers and mempo of twighlight. Those last two are only for the HIGHEST of rollers :D.
@Draener LOL nice cain set :P
I thought you might enjoy it.
LOL i do enjoy it, havent seen any1 using cain set for the longest time, but recently just saw a PLvl 97 barb using it as well, hes doing like freaking 8.5k DPS...... i wonder did he leech exp off others from pub game for that 97 levels..... LOL
what no trifecta tals amulet? for shame
@jars- how much did you pay for your source if you dont mind me asking? pants are your next replacement right?
10/08/2012 12:32 PMPosted by Jars
what no trifecta tals amulet? for shame

lol if u can find a trifecta amulet better than mine, then sure, the only trifecta tal amulet that will add DPS for me is the 1 that Ace is using, other than that, no 1 else have a trifecta tal amulet can be compare with mine

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