Name The Next Upgrade for the Wizard Above#3!

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Hey all, just changed my chest from tals to zuni, dunno what to get to pair it with boots or ring (which is soo expensive with IAS or CC). What can you suggest good sirs? Thanks!
@OnSugarHill should probably upgrade armor & boot......

Yeah I really want to. What would you suggest? I'm also going Archon build. Are Zuni's the way to go? I really want to be able to retain most of my resistance and I believe the Zuni boots are expensive w/ All Res.

I've been thinking about going Zuni boots, Inna's pants, and Tal's Chest but it would be very expensive to retain my res/vit w/ those three items.

well tal chest w/ AR gonna cost u alot depend on how much vital it has on it too, and as for zuni boot, low end AR one start around 45m+, high end can be as high as few hundred mill, inna pants probably like 40m or so without vit, w/ vit would be like 50m+
Hey all, just changed my chest from tals to zuni, dunno what to get to pair it with boots or ring (which is soo expensive with IAS or CC). What can you suggest good sirs? Thanks!
10/08/2012 09:29 PMPosted by AudiR8GT
@drussell, i don't give any suggestion unless u tell me if that's ur actual gear, or ur MF gear, if is ur MF gear, then i won't give any suggestion

It is both as it is my only set. I would be ok with a suggestion of a non MF piece that provides the biggest upgrade to a MF piece(as I am getting close to max).
Whats my next upgrade? I just hit the 100dps mark for archon.
I think Witching hour belt would increase your DPS by the most if thats what you are looking for. Otherwise you can start considering what set combo you would like to use. Zunimassa shoes+chest+ring give you good resist and Int bonus. Otherwise intel natalyas shoes and ring could give you a 7cc set bonus but can be very expensive to use.
Help me out...I'm torn on what to upgrade next...gloves?
I need help too =( dunno what to do.. Im stuck with 500mil and dont know what to buy to a nice increase of my dps.

Rings are most obvious upgrade, but I bet you are waiting till post patch. After that, I would put 50 AR on your boots, then take it off your gloves and get a good trifecta.
@ youngster. You could upgrade your boots to legacy zunis or your bracers to lacunis for the added aspeed. I'm not gonna comment on rings since post patch everyone will be upgrading
Witching hour :D
Lol that was easy
@Draener u could get a witching hour and armor with sockets maybe a zumi set you have room for many upgrades but id start with a zuni set with all resists. and or tal rashas with all resists :D

Thinking going to be Lacuni bracers before you start improving on each indivdual piece you currently have. Think I am in the same boat as you at the moment.

I would probably sell your boots and get a good pair of all resist zuni trail. Movement speed is just so important to archon spec. After that, I would grab a pair of lacuni.
what bout me guys ?
@ Draenor

Mostly play with others so movment speed and keeping archon up. Although with that in mind wouldnt lacuni serve the same purpose? Just a thought
@huelson upgrade ur source, as well as ur glove to a trifecta glove with high int
@ huelson so you aren't skipped

If you are looking for a particular upgrade go with a witching hour. If you are looking ways to improve overall try increasing your INT while maintaining your stats the best you can. Will increase your survivability and your DPS
@Gauss, not bad overall, but time to switch for faster weapon, and try to save up for the coming up 1.0.5 on rings/amulet, prefer to be trifecta, that should give u another boost in DPS

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