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Your gear is awesome, its a bit ridiculous to criticise anything on it! Your pants and bracers are your weakest bits though. I guess you could swap in a better IK boots as well....

@poosnack I think your helmet and right ring need an upgrade, a bit more attack speed would be nice too if you can afford it, how's your survivability? 7.5/10
@p00snack: Decent gear, personally i think you got too much AR, you could do alot to increase your dps by replacing your rings / ammy with di-fector or even tri-fector affix rolls w/o AR. Since your running a scorn build try to focus on attack speed with crit over crit hit damage. 6/10.

edit: @redbull decent set up good amount of regen / ar /. Id personally drop the helm in preparation for 1.05. 7.5/10.

9/10, really nice pieces. Curious why you are 4/5 on IK. Weird amount of the set to have. You could switch one of those pieces out for a way better one or get 5/5 for the fury and regen.

workin on that. don't have the gold for ik armor. and i don't want to drop thje run speed just yet
Nitty, Redbull,
Thanks for the comments. I'm waiting for 1.05 to upgrade the jewelry and am just trying to slog it out until I can afford an IK helm.

Survivability isnt bad because I use rend. Additionally, HoTA crits for up to 500k so with lifesteal I can keep things rolling.

Getting stuck in jailer/molten/frozen with low fury is a disaster in a3 though :/

Overall I'm pretty happy with my gear and a3 clearspeed and have been working on swapping pieces out for similar gear with MF & GF.
hey p00snack,

I would change your amulet to get AR,crit dam,crit chance and core stat.
I would change both rings for crit + ias and another one crit + crit damage.
I would also change your boots and your shoulders. Shoulders maybe some Vile wards?


Bai :D
@ Nitty

Well you are a beast. Your Vile Ward is awesome. I had them drop before and they were garbage. They look sweet though! The Immortal Kings set is a great build but i cannot afford it, I had the gloves drop recently and they sucked also.

I would kill for your main hand. I would kill for all your gear. I just hope someday I can get geared good. So yeah, Nitty is a beast and I'm sure you've been complimented enough already but that's my 2 cents.

I'm looking for some expert opinion on my gear.
im not a pro but i can take on mp level 10 act3 in 1hour and 10min on ptr without dying. With my group it takes about 40min. rate me :).

pew pew pew the new legendary ring makes it 20min to speed run mplvl 10 in act3
@johnny5 - nice damage reduction build. Very solid SnB. Interesting take on the WW build.

@foldz1984 no resists on chest and pants.. something like a nono for myself how do u survive elemental damage? 7/10 for overall stats and dps though. work up the resists bro and you'll be golden

Good IK build with DPS.


I really want to see if this new patch makes WW Barbs go away. Its an OP spec but diversity is good.
Smash is great alternative and is OP as heck! You can spam it and get Crit's of 1.2 to 2.5 Million!

I am not that great but will give it a go anyway. Very solid DPS build, great crit damage output. However, ur barb could use a little more defense, higher AR and Vitality to improve with survivability, especially with the MP coming up soon.

8/10, good dps, needs more crit chance on rigns/bracers and a better wep.

Your boots and gloves are amazing! how much were they?

My recommendation is to go big with a ls skorn.
Thanks! I bought the gloves a while ago so i don't remember and I found the boots a few weeks ago.
Too good. :P

Going in the right way but still need alot of upgrades.

Can't see you profile.


Bumb your AR. All else looks decent. 6/10....you just need more survivability. Like you are doing the throw barb. I dont' do throw barb but do appreciate the diversity. good luck.

Please suggest next upgrade on my rating....(beginning to release some MF gear...and gonna start getting ready for 1.0.5.) Things I know i want is more AS & Crit Chance. I also want to eventually remove The Compase Rose since i'm mainly using it for the MS....and find another slot to place MS on.

My goal is to play a fast Melee barb....not WW or Throw...just basic smash and bash but fast and bloody.

edit: comment on weapons...been playing around and i think once I get enought Crit chance and AS these should be perfect set. but let me know what you think.

I think you could do well by replacing your Bul-Kathos ring for something with STR + Crit chance + IAS. Maybe look into adding some crit chance on the right ring if possible as well, while still keeping IAS, even if you have to sacrifice a bit of STR for budget reasons.

Changing your rings may just add enough DPS so you can get an Andariel's with lower STR (150-160+) and a socket to add an amethyst or ruby without noticing a drop in your current DPS.

Also, look into stacking more base VIT on your chest piece, definite room for improvement there.

Awesome and well-balanced barb you got there! 9/10! Perhaps a new main hand. Though, your current one is already good! Cheers!

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