Blizzard. Answer wizard skill injustice.

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See the list of injustice the Wizard suffers:


Glass cannon: +15% weapon damage, -10% armor, -10% resist all
Weapon mastery: 15% weapon damage

Magic weapon: +15% weapon damage, some knockback (lol?)
Battlecry: +30% weapon damage, 3% critical

Whirlwind: Fury cost formula adjusted to reduce consumption for high attack speed.
Disintegrate, ROF, Arcane Torrent: zilch.

Galvanizing Ward: 310 HP per second
Inspiring Presence: 2% HP per second (needs 500 vit to start being better)

This is just the list of sub-standard skill we have to live with since the game launched. Critical mass was the clutch that kept wizards viable inspite of these disadvantages. And blizzard is constantly looking to remove the effectiveness of that clutch and give nothing back.

The way blizzard is going at wizard nerfs, is like taking the clutch from a crippled man and beating him with it.
I guess most wizards have gone over to other classes already based on the lack of fury on clear Blizzard bias.
To add in:

Blur : -20% damage from MELEE.

Fortitude (WD) : -20% damage from ALL SOURCES.
To add in: Tal rasha's set bonus: JOKE 3%
Everyone else: +130int/dex +50 AR etc.
Blizzard is a joke , personally i think if blizzard team up with EA sports , they can probably come up with the worst game in the universe :)
5 reasons that Wizards are the forgotten step child of Blizzard:

1) Skills are sub standard as OP's. Most of our passives are plain and unimaginative. Power hungry? Anyone who is really hungry for power will NOT use that skill. :/

2) Wizs get nerfed every single way possible at every patch, every chance they get.

3) Tal Rasha Set sucks. It doesn't even work as intended.

4) Level 63 legendary helm for Wizards look ugly as hell. I'm looking at you Tal and Storm Crow!

5) Half of Wizard's skills do not work in sync with one another. Who needs 3 different armor? Make it 1 skill with 3 different runes, give us 2 more new skills! Who needs arcane torrent, disintegrate and ray of frost? They're all just channeling spells, just make it 1 skill with 3 different runes and give us more interesting skills! Don't need so many spells of the same category!
Blizzard's philosophy on balancing Wiz:

#1: Nerf 50-60% at a time, but buff only 10% at a time.

#2: To promote build diversity, they nerf the popular skills to the ground, forcing you to use the less popular (useless) skills.

#3: Screw you over for using teleport: 10 sec cooldown, and only works about 50% of the time. A few barrels can completely block your path, despite there being a wide open path.

These are just some of the injustice.
Also, Barbs are getting buffed indirectly by reducing overall mob damage and nerfing our prismatic armor.

I am pretty sure nothing is being done to Iron skin and Tough as nails. I just tried PTR and my armor at current goes up to 6k. On PTR, my armor goes down to 4.5k. My barb's armor stays the same.

Soooooooo, now barbs can withstand more damage while having the same armor? Am i missing on something?
Picking Wizard at launch was about as good an idea as picking Terran for sc2
Game isn't balanced at max level?

But there was clearly so much testing done!
You cannot judge ME. I AM JUSTICE ITELF!
10/04/2012 10:21 PMPosted by metaStatic
Picking Wizard at launch was about as good an idea as picking Terran for sc2

I picked wizard at launch :/
Play all the characters -- no need to focus on only one.
10/07/2012 04:12 AMPosted by SilverFox
Play all the characters -- no need to focus on only one.

this is nonsense, especially with paragon levels in place.

but unfortunately, it seems that we will remain one of the worst classes (alongside monks) for a long time to come. the fact that blizzard does not recognize these glaring inconsistencies between skills (actives and passives) really gives me almost no hope for improvement.
I don't get why Barbs can tank and do tons of DPS.. some will say that it's an action game.. if so why cannot Wizards get tanky passives and get nerfed so often? Every class should be able to go melee/ranged/tank sure some should do it better than other but it feels as if they only want Barbs doing DPS and being able to take hits, this isn't WoW.
The monks send condolences and flowers, we're at your bedside in your moment of weakness. Let us hold hands and talk about our disability.
Good points, i always defended wizards.

They never really consider making a good balance on this class, if u take a close look to all skills, they all suck and have less weapon damage then other classes, and the passives are reallly horrible.

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