#1 Reason ppl dont play pub games

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The worst part is pub games when your leveling a new toon to 60 so many people with names you know that wont actually be helping and instead afking while in town for the rest of the game.
10/06/2012 12:21 PMPosted by Ballistixz
OP, all i see in your pics is legit chars that play the game without abusing AH and RMAH. leave them alone because they are the most honest and legit players we got in this sad excuse for a game

i agree...everyone doesnt have all the time to play and up there chars...people say " well go back to hell then" but the loot in hell doesnt sell so your forced into act 3 inferno for the sake of even havin a slight chance to find a descent item.

Relax...u should help them...i do unless there just MF hores...but these r the people buying ur middle class loot that u put on ah...without them all we would ever sell would be flawless legendaries
I would also like to point out that this is one thing that has horribly hurt the game...i for one would like to see players coming back and revive the game but it wont happen when they come back and since they havent played in awhile they will be under geared and people treating them like !@#$ makes them want to quit playing again...this hurts the economy
This one makes the 8k dps barb look good

100% agree with this post, I'll probably never play a pub game again because it's just me carrying the entire group for free.
dont play pub hate freaking people that always goes in town and stay there like !@#$ing 25mins or take anything from ground and always go back town to sell can take like forever
I just get bored of playing solo so pub games are fun when u actually get ppl that can run a3 instead of carrying the whole team. Its not like im asking for much im cool with around 40k dps. Even 30k but to have ppl in a game with less than 10k dps is just plain retarded
and how the f.-en should people get gear atm????????????????????????????
at the beginning of 1.04 you could get drops. now ah is full with good legendaries.
i play a lot with high dps and high mf. single piece from toilet is more worth then all legs i found last week. all rares are for vendor anyway.

I don't mind playing/carrying people in pubs having low DPS and gets one shotted due to crappy gear coz not everyone can win the D3 lottery.

What I can't stand are people having very low DPS and gets one shotted coz they have +300% MF.
Pubs are fun don't think about it as you carrying somebody just think about helping other people. Its a game of chance. Also get to meet ppl.
tried pubs

3 games in a row afk

then get like 2 people with sub 10k dps

never again
OP obviously doesn't know WD. That WD is playing a pet tank build and it's pretty solid.

Oh and not everybody is pay 2 win like you OP
well the way I see it if u have the gear and can carry ppl,why not do it?It only helps out the community and hopefully keep the new ppl (you know the ones that get excited about every single drop because they haven't played long to realize the drops are crap) around long enough till they fix this biziatch.
What they do is this.

1, put on max MF gear
2, stay in town until you see teammates hitpoint fluctuate wildly = elite fight.
3, port in and hit an elite once and tele out or "die without reviving until elite is dead"
4, ???
5, easy profit.

rince and repeat.

I don't play pubs anymore because of this.
I don't play pubs because I'd rather play alone than with some 1000+ hours/100k+ dps douchebag telling me my gear is worse than his.

Maybe if they added a proper lobby to find games (as per Diablo 2), there would be some incentive to find the right game to join instead of the random cluster!@#$ we currently are stuck with.
i jump into pub game in between my solo games just to break away from boredom. most of the time i carry over ppl and even got some complaining they're dying because i'm going too far ahead.

i actually clear everything but in a3 towers the crawlers climb up awhile later so the ones who lagged behind had to pass all these on their own.
so what will be the acceptable DPS for PUB in Act3?

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