Stone of Jordan (zombie dogs) fs

Witch Doctor
6% arcane dmg
+107 max mana
Increases damage against elites by 29% (1% off perfect)
Summon Zombie dogs cooldown reduced by 8 seconds (perfect)

in the AH 31 hours left
gangster SOJ // what is the current bid and B/O?

not able to see AH
Yea i want it if its not stupidly priced like most of them. Ill start bid here at 8 mill.
its probably already got bids on the AH, so he wont be able to stop it. B/O is probably 300m+
I doubt anyone is bidding on it past 100 mill. All the jewlary peices past that mark are just scrubs trying to get rich, no one actualy buys that crap.
c/o is 210m, 27h left
^ Lol @ R43P3R
220.5m c/o 14h remaining
255m c/o, 9h left

going out and wont be back until this is done (last post), gl

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