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I am hoping to find players with the same thoughts about legendary drops and legendary items properties.

I have put a lot of time into this game so far and only received one really good legendary item, but I can't use it for my main character. I am hoping that other people will post there thoughts about the drop rates and legendary properties that are receiving in the game.

I think Blizzard should really change the drop rates, I know they are going to in the patch 1.05. But came to realize that even if they double the drop rate, it still isn't a very high chance to get a legendary item.

This is a game, not a job, no one should have to play tens of hours to get a legendary item. Players should feel rewarded for playing this long, only reason I keep playing is that I really hope they change the programing to allow better drops and better quality of drops.

After playing so many hours and finally getting a legendary item you click to find out what the stats are for that legendary item and realize it isn't very good or you received the same kind of item before. You think a legendary item would be such a crazy item, since they are so hard to obtain.

I hope other people will post more comments and share more about the problems they are having with this game, so that Blizzard will realize they have a problem with this game and should do something quick for the die hard fans such as myself. Because if they fix this soon i might never buy another game from Blizzard.

If you have any additions comments or concerns please post, maybe together we can change the way Blizzard thinks about this game.

I really had high hopes for this game but quickly realized that the game
The drop rate for legendaries in the new patch will make the AH less of a "necessity" which is a very good thing. I've never found a legendary that I could use, but I honestly don't see a problem with that because I know eventually I will. The doubled drop rate for sets and legendaries is more than enough in 1.05, trust me.
I am wondering do you work for Blizzard????
Because so far every fix comes with another fix

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