Price check on inna helm

173 Dex
62 Vit
5.5 crit
100 life regen (random)
21.9 life per spirit spent (random)

Im mostly wondering about the life per spirit spent is that a valuable stat? I cant search for it in the AH and cant find other innas with it to compare. Thanks
No one can help?
its an interested peice... put it on auction... start bid of 30 mill with no buyout
life per spirit spend is a very random figure, most people dont use it, dont care about it. cos for monks spending 50 spirit, ur LPSS will only give around 1k health, pretty pathetic. however for specific monk's build which revolves around LPSS, they might want it as an ADDITIONAL STATS, not something they would pay 30m extra for.

30m bid offer is a good starting price

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