Wicked Wind Tick Rate and Breakpoints

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Decided to port some information over to the US forums from Europe. I'd like to give thanks to Apo and Guybrush for doing the lion's share of the work.

It appears that are high end attacks per second wicked wind and presumably all of energy twister tick rates begin to 'clump' and not exactly follow the 2x your attacks per second. Instead there are 'breakpoints' that cause a big jump in tickrate that is then flat for a long stretch of attack speeds. Here are the numbers that have been personally tested through LoH recovery;

0.7100 9
0.7455 9
0.7526 10
0.8262 10
0.8424 11
0.9180 12
1.0000 12
1.0044 13
1.0710 13
1.0716 14
1.1500 14
1.1600 15
1.2500 15
1.2600 16
1.3000 16
1.3080 17
1.3520 17
1.3650 18
1.5000 18
1.5080 19
1.5750 19
1.5820 20
1.6660 20
1.6830 22
1.7556 22
1.7660 23
1.8603 23
1.8779 24
1.9980 24
2.0007 26
2.1411 26
2.1587 28
2.3010 28
2.3100 30
2.4957 30
2.5080 33
2.7258 33
2.7378 36
2.9913 36
3.0030 40
3.3276 40
3.3453 45
3.3807 45

The most relevant breakpoints being the ones above 2.00 aps. We can make a few rounding assumptions and place them at;

~2.000 - 26 ticks
~2.150 - 28 ticks
~2.310 - 30 ticks
~2.500 - 33 ticks
~2.730 - 36 ticks
~3.000 - 40 ticks
~3.330 - 45 ticks

Still trying to figure out the rhyme or reason to these particular numbers but the testing makes it pretty clear these are within a hundreth of an attack per second. Inside these breakpoints increasing your attacks per second will only get your more twisters, they will not hit more times per second until you reach the next breakpoint.

Edit 11/3/12

Due to some confusion, here's the transposed chart of the exact breakpoints calculated by Voltara's formula in the post linked below. I'm going to leave the above untouched but please disregard the slight variation between my assumptions and the exacts.

These numbers all fall within the tested amounts, so I see no reason to question their accuracy to within a thousandth of an attacks per second. The game may not go out to ten thousandths place that is listed on the chart.

Minimum Tick
APS rate
5.0001 72
4.2858 60
3.7501 52
3.3334 45
3.0001 40
2.7273 36
2.5001 33
2.3077 30
2.1429 28
2.0001 26
1.8751 24
1.7648 23
1.6667 22
1.5790 20
1.5001 19

Note: Enchantress does effect these breakpoints.

Test case,
1.65 chants wand + 63% IAS = 2.6895 aps.
Without enchantress = 33 ticks
With enchantress = 36 ticks

Also as an aside I've been testing the functionality of enchantress cause it doesn't give a straight 3% nor a straight +0.03 attacks per second. My testing on PTR shows that it appears to ignore your weapon aps and gives you a flat aps bonus based on your IAS and a 1.00 weapon instead.


1.65 chants wand and 50% IAS gear.
1.00 aps * 150% = 1.50 aps * 0.03 = 0.045 aps
1.65 * 150% = 2.475 + 0.045 = 2.520 aps (2.52 displayed in game)

1.54 rare wand +10% IAS and 80% IAS gear.
1.00 aps * 180% = 1.80 aps * 0.03 = 0.054 aps
1.54 * 180% = 2.772 aps + 0.054 = 2.826 (2.83 displayed in game)

I've searched through about 30 different variations of gear trying to find a displayed aps that doesn't match this formula for enchantress and can't find one. If anyone would be willing to look as well as back up that would be great.

That means at certain gear set ups its absolutely no contest however to use scoundrel instead of enchantress when the IAS bonus she provides doesn't get you past a breakpoint the 3% crit chance is easily help more towards CM than a small fraction of a twister per second extra casting speed.

Edit 10/21/10

Extreme thanks to Voltara for figuring out the algorithm to match the above tested values.

His post is here:

how much did nitro pay you to do this
awesome, I think every cm wiz will appreciate this as now we can look for a breakpoint to reach.
Thank you Shandlar for your awesome contribution.

If any theory crafters are interested in exploring this further (goal being to find the algorithm behind all this stuff), please post your ideas here or at the EU forum: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5208511084
Awesome + very valuable work for those of us using WW! :D Major props to those that contributed (namely Apo, Guybrush, + Shandlar). I've always been wondering if there were actually discrete breakpoints involved.
Thank you!

So I should either stay at 2.31 or invest a lot to reach 2.50. No point to stay inbetween. Hah good to know that.

Really great job!
^Yeah there are quite a few instances where this is valuable.

I am excited cause I can get a seven exact 9% IAS items with a perfect socketted 1.65 chants wand and use enchantress for 2.738 aps. That's just barely above that breakpoint, giving me max 'free' aps in tick rate.

Seven IAS items being Source, Belt, Ring, Ring, Gloves, Amulet, Chestplate

That way I can avoid inna's pants (bad), Mempo (no APoc), and lacuni (bad-ish) and still have the aps to really shine as CM/WW.

That's the goal at least. It means a new 9% duncraig and 10 APoC 9% chants source sometime in my future. Not looking forward to finding that ~billion gold. Wouldn't be fun if it was easy though.
this summary is much appreciated Shandler, i tried reading the 4th and 5th pgs in the eu discussion but got lost in the avalanche of numbers. Now its fairly straightforward what the goals are for aps
I guess it's 2.73 APS for me.

Good job as always Shand!
Bookmarked. Excellent work.

Everyone request this to be stickied!
Thank you for the hard work Apo, Guybrush and Shandlar!

Shandlar and Aimless, if you are around, what do you guys think are the "required numbers" for a CMWW in the latest 1.0.5?


There should be some nice "break points" on each of those to make it comfortable, then you can go after higher Int/higher CD stuff to crank up the DPS and increase clear times.
Good info here, have been waiting for info of this caliber, similar to FPS break points in D2.... this type of info is king!
10/07/2012 02:37 PMPosted by Proxy
how much did nitro pay you to do this


This really is some valuable info. Now I know that I need to get my attack speed above 3 to make a difference. 2.9x doesn't really matter.
Thanks for this Shandlar, Apo, and Guybrush.
I stumbled and bumbled over 2.73 break point @ 2.76 by adding WH which I feel finally made build useable. Nice to know exact break points (and that they even exist at all in a varied fashion).

Now ppl have "tiers" to shoot for instead of just arbitrary stacking ias.

~2.500 - 33 ticks entry level
~2.730 - 36 ticks Mid grade
~3.000 - 40 ticks high end
~3.330 - 45 ticks Boss mode
Even with a perfect 1.804 aps chants wand you would still need all 10 viable IAS items to reach the 45 tick breakpoint.

11% IAS +0.25 Chants Wand + 82% IAS from gear + Enchantress = 3.338 aps
11% IAS +0.25 Chants Wand + 85% IAS from gear w/ Scoundrel = 3.337 aps

So you would need;
Eight 8% IAS items and two 9% IAS items w/ Enchantress
or Five 8% IAS items and Five 9% IAS items w/ Scoundrel

Neither are easy tasks, and both require everything except legacy zuni/ashera's. That means 20 APoC with a mempo, lacuni, and inna's.

You can wear non MS icebreakers though since you have both inna and lacuni. That and mempo providing large amounts of life% may permit this build to be viable defensively....but it'll be close.
Thank you for your time and research and to those on the euro forums for their contribution and work.
Pretty excited now for my new 3.14 aps w/ enchantress although I'm pretty confused about the wand.

It has 8% IAS and +0.23 APS. But 1.63 * 1.08 = 1.7604 but the wand shows 1.74 APS? Your IAS calculations are dead on btw. No idea why they work that way though lol.

I might consider using stretch time to get the 45 ticks.
Cause the IAS and +0.XX aps functions are independent. An 8% IAS +0.23 chants is calculated as 1.4* 1.08 = 1.512 + 0.23 = 1.742 aps.

I also have no freaking clue why they would have enchantress work in that manner. Its kinda ridiculous tbh.
Cause the IAS and +0.XX aps functions are independent. An 8% IAS +0.23 chants is calculated as 1.4* 1.08 = 1.512 + 0.23 = 1.742 aps.

I also have no freaking clue why they would have enchantress work in that manner. Its kinda ridiculous tbh.

Will the IAS on weapons (i.e. that 8%) be added again to your total APS? I guess not, but not sure about this.

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