Char roster: Single, 1@each class, many alts?

I was extremely glad that I leveled up an alt barb when I lost my main last week, but I can't help but feel that part of the reason that I lost him in the first place was that I got overconfident after playing "EZ level-up mode" for 15 hrs or so. I think that I'll create a mule or 2 to keep some "alt lvl 60" gear on, but at least for now I probably won't actually level-up any other toons.
char roster: 2 of each class, 10 slots HC

liking DH and WD the most
10/08/2012 08:42 AMPosted by TrueScorn
I suppose I'm mostly option 3. I have a lot of chars, and I use them all. Most of my characters represent a 'bookmark' with other players I'm currently rolling with when we get the chance to play. For example, the barb I have named "Raaawr" is a character I only play with my big bro and his wizard of similar level. This is the case for all of my characters but 2...

That's a really good point and one I hadn't really considered - ALTs may not be backups but different roles within the same character class.

Thanks for the input everyone.
1 of each class, mainly due to boredom.

However, i've made every char i have into condition that it can clear inferno a1 without problems (except my DH), including the dead wizards and monks. I think i've had 8-9 l60's now.

I tend to switch from main to another, so its handy to have one of each ready. Also, at certain point you just stop getting new gear without paying gazillions, so that is usually when i might play some other chars as well. I tend to trade/sell stuff off my inactive characters if i feel like i need the money.

I used to play monk and wizard exclusively, swapping between them after each death. Now im with my WD. I've completely abandoned my wizard projects, might play monk some day again.

It's all about how i feel like, but at least i do not have to do leveling for awhile.

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