RMAH gold waiting 4.5 days and counting

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I bought some gold on the RMAH on Thursday and my credit card was charged immeadiatly. However the auction is still showing as 'processing' and I have not recieved any gold...

I submitted a ticket after 48 hours and have yet to recieve a response to it.

I assume that this incredibly pathetic customer service will be blamed on the WoW Panda expansion but that is no excuse.

I expect this thread will be ignored as well...

The transaction for he gold failed which is why you've not received it. It can take a few days for the financial institution to reverse the charge involved.

For more information, you'd need to wait for a response to your support ticket as we can't assist here in a public forum with Auction House transactions.
Same for me it's been almost 2 weeks and I still have not received my gold or money back.

I see a transaction on 2012-09-24 for a gold purchase marked as failed. That's about all I can tell you in here. You may need to check with PayPal to see if the charge has been reversed. Otherwise, you'll need to wait for a reply to the support ticket you just submitted.
Thanks for looking into this Omarakos. The money has been refunded today. The auction log still shows as processing, not failed however.
same thing is happening to me multiple times. the financial institution is showing the money is being credited back and then recharged day after day. Its in a loop. i just want the gold : P i payed for. I called blizz yesterday about it, and was told very rudely it takes 72 hours for u too get your gold. I was frustrated with this whole system at this point and mentioned the $81.20 purchase took place about a week ago. I was told this transaction didnt even show up (ID: 1385255038). I trust Blizzard's system so im sure this will be resolved. ive been playing blizz games since i was like 15 and im 22 now.
also, if the purchase is failing. I would like to see that it failed in my auction log, all it says is "purchased".

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