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So Blizzard, the FPS drop issues remain and no fixes are on the horizon.
I must ask: do you really even care?
The FPS drop issue remains even on the PTR which tells me you really don't care.
Numerous people are having this problem (including myself) starting from Beta and then since the release, even with monster computer systems. Without V-Sync enabled it's crappy to play but FPS goes up to 200, and on some areas it just drops to 10-15? With V-Sync it's 60 and drops to 10 also. I've even tried lowering ALL the settings in-game to minimum.
My computer specs are:
Phenom 955 BE @3.2
XFX Radeon 6850 1GB
Game running from OCZ Vertex 3 SSD
Windows 7 x64
12/1,25 Mbps Internet connection
Playing at EU servers.
ALL windows updates, DirectX and drivers for GPU, Network, Motherboard (including latest BIOS) are up to date.
ALL, and I mean ALL of your and user workarounds I've tried and none of them worked.
I could swallow if you said that my computer isn't good enough, but people have newest i7's, 24 gigs, top of the line GPU's in SLI, SSD's in RAID-0 and they also have the same issue.

Do I need to remind you that I and many other people payed for this game and we do deserve a fix for this or some other information other than "We didn't manage to reproduce the issue on our test machines?"
Do something about that fast or u keep losing people.This is reatrded i jsut bought a 200Vga card today so i play better and i have the sam issue with this fps shuttering.
Yea, I upgraded from 4850 to 6850 to have smoother gameplay and I have a feeling it's WORSE than before.

P.S. http://i48.tinypic.com/2gvr092.jpg

2 cores idle look pretty idle?
upgraded gtx260 oc(smooth 60fps) to gtx n660 ti and getting mad fps drops now even with lowest settings.
I get FPS drops so bad in this game that my screen literally stands still from time to time for about 1-2 seconds. It's equiv to a lag spike and I die just the same way a lag spike kills me.

Btw only happens in this game**
GTX 680, i5-2500k, 8 gig ram with a fast SSD and this game lags very bad. BF3 runs silky smooth. I have tried everything I can to improve the performance, but nothing works.
Interesting thing is that I can see Blues reply to all kinds topics, but when I start a topic about this particular issue, or whoever starts it, they are ignoring it.
I am a person who tries to fix his problem by myself before looking at Knowledge Base, asking on forums, looking for solutions online or submitting a ticket.
I've used all my knowledge and all your, kind gamers, solutions, all of their "fixes" and numerous Knowledge Base articles, and none of them worked.
I really like to play this game, I won't say "I'LL STOP PLAYING YOU=")(#=!)($=(" cause I won't but I'm trying to enjoy while playing and this is lowering my interest level.

P.S. in the last few days the game literally just STOPS for few seconds and then progresses further. I've also looked at Power Management for my CPU and GPU, but AMD Overdrive and Powerplay are disabled and my Power Scheme is set to High Performance.
I have a brand new 660ti and am seeing the same problem. My old ATI 6850 ran the game perfectly, yet this beefier card stutters like its going out of style. I dont get it.
yea, i don't get it.
and still no blue response.
i will just add that I've submitted a ticket for this, and they blamed my ISP even though I've never had problems with this ISP, have ping <70 when playing D3, and many of my friends use the same ISP without a problem.
When I told them that it isn't the ISP issue (I've contacted my ISP to double check - no problem there) they told me that this issue is best resolved via phone line..
Yea, nice problem solving.
I can confirm 100% its not the ISP, because I still have my 6850 ATI card right here. If I pop that in, things run smooth. But if I put in my supposedly better 660ti (which is obviously much better on paper), it stutters like crazy. It makes no sense. My install is even fresh. This is obviously an issue, nothing something you can pass off Blizzard. Look into it!
I've got a response from ISP that connection up to d3 server is ok, they've even tested my connection and it's ok.
Now they say in Bnet Support it's my ANTIVIRUS that could cause issues.
ok, i've uninstalled av, disabled windows defender and firewall service - issue remains.

Can't even play and I want to.
I payed for this game, and I can't even play the !@#$ing game?
That's a joke.
I dont even run an anti virus. Nothing at all. I just back up my files and reinstall Windows if something is off. It's all excuses. It is the way this game plays with this card. It runs great with SC2. But not D3.
its not the card.
this is terrible, I have a brand new set up

I compared it to my 5 year old comp

the game runs so laggy on both I can hardly play, idk what to do anymore
but I'm amazed by their ignorance on this particular issue.
i would really be glad if they said that they just cant fix it or smth. atleast i would be less frustrated by waiting for this to be fixed, and constantly watching at forums for some workaround.

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