Thinking of rolling a WD...

Witch Doctor
< I'm always open for leveling people up. I do them for tips or if you wanna join in when I go achievement hunting
I have lvl 60 of 4 classes and I think WD is the easiest to play imo after the pet buffs.

I find DH the hardest to play because DH is very squishy and you need to gear for a lot of damage to see how/where DH shines.

My new friend is struggling a lot as DH in act 3 Inferno because he bought gold and is way over-geared when he level up, which makes him overkill anything in Normal, Nightmare and Hell. He now understands what "Reflect" is and how some monsters just teleport to him and kill him. He is not used to kite much and rely on gloom/smoke screen.

Anyway, my point is if you want a Range class that can "safely" shoot on the back most of the time, WD is the easiest class to get used to. Both DH and Wizard don't have strong pets that can tank and are required to move a lot.

The new change in Companion is interesting, however.

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