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So as to not spam the other guy's thread. Gona be posting response here. For those interested in the drama, it started here

Your analogy falls flat. NO ONE is asking for your help. You're volunteering it when not even being asked.

Also to address your second point what you've described is considered a rip-off. At the end of the deal, both parties got exactly what they bargained for. There's nothing illegal with that.

What you've done is scam people, which means you defrauded them. Your victims get something quite different from what they've bargained for.

If you don't understand the difference that then look it up.

Of course they are asking for help. They are so stupid they either gave their gear to someone to "try on", or gotten played via the Trade window. Then they come and post Q_Q threads. Clearly they are in need of help.

And u still can't point out which part of what i said in my "help" is incorrect, in the example post i linked before Becoz theres nothing wrong with it, yet u are still insist that i'm there to provide false information to mislead people.

coolfoolboo and u share one thing in common, u both think that what YOU think should be the norm and standard that everyone else abides by. In ur moments of arrogance, u tried to give definitions, then got torn apart by it.

Ur definition of a scammer was
A person who gains the confidence of a victim and uses it to defraud that victim.

Now ur arguing that only includes "scamming per se" (talk about a circular definition...), not "rip-offs".

Do u even know what defraud means? It means gaining by means of deception, illegally.

Does rip-offs and "scamming" both include deception? Yes.

Are they illegal in D3? No.

Are they immoral? U rip-off ppl, so ur gona say its okay. U don't "scam", so ur gona say its immoral.

People like u and coolfoolboo are nothing but digusting lowlifes who twist defintions to serve ur own purposes, then try act like saints to teach others.

At least i've come to terms that scamming is not a nice thing almost 4 months ago, and ceased. While people like u choose to carry on with ur baseless accusations against my posts for no reason, other than ur self-fulfilling prophecy that actions u conduct are OK, and actions u don't aren't.
just s-t-f-u for ur own sake.
I kind of agree with Valour in a way. He admits it is not nice. He does not steal accounts and stuff like this, he just takes advantage of people's naivety. Unless he used a program to swap items... But he agrees it is not nice, so what do you want more? He won't apologize.

In real life, I'd say it is a scam, but in a game, this is borderline.
10/07/2012 01:52 PMPosted by coolfoolboo
just s-t-f-u for ur own sake.

u mad, im glad :) now everyone knws ur a scammer by ur very own defintion, good job.
nah.. not mad at all. u like to think a lot on my behalf.

everyone knows who is the scammer here so carry on deluding urself.

anyway, i have given u too much face here by replying a scum of a scammer like u.

\last response to a piece of s-h-i-t
Yea, looks like he's trying to scam Barbarians in the Barb forum too. Once a scammer, always a scammer.
10/07/2012 04:37 PMPosted by acrimony
Yea, looks like he's trying to scam Barbarians in the Barb forum too. Once a scammer, always a scammer.

Ignorant kids like these need to learn to back up their words, show me proof im scamming in Barbs forums or gtfo lolz.

Have u lied before in ur life? Yes.

"Once a liar, always a liar."

acrimony ur nothing but a dirty liar.
Not taking part *sit back and watch*
as someone who has been taken advantage of I can only say it is NOT feel terrible...I had worked very hard to get where I was...a lot of time and a lot of real seems people always try to justify bad behavior...I have probably done so in my past to but it is still wrong...I still think this is a black or white issue...each of us has to chose how we will play the game...I think most people play fair and least I hope so...
As i've said here

Legal and moral are two things, and when something is either "legal but immoral", or "illegal but moral", then we simply don't have a situation of black and white.

Still, i find it funny ppl actually BOTHER to try to convince each other of their own morals on this forum. No one can stop u from ranting, it just isnt very effective.
You´re still discussing?! Hahaha

Valour is a poor Nerd²
Don´t let him provoke you :D

lol he seems eager to discuss, so eager he went back to a 2-days old thread just to reply :D

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