Rate the monk above me part 4

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pepper, nice gear man, especially the shenlong's fists! And that a LOT of dex you've stacked. I'd invest in some crit chance/dmg and sacrifice some dex if I were you. :))
Id say get a CC/CD ring to replace your second one, but other than that, I have no idea

grab some extra movement speed, as well and some form of sustain - LOH, life regen, LS - something.

your andariels has some pretty high extra fire damage. ouch
I know :/ thats what I found was the best, can you check my gear again and see if its better this time? :)

Very sexy Regen & Resists. I know for that to work well you want to keep your HPs fairly low and mitigation high to maximize the regen returns.

What MP level are you planning on running? I'm wondering how effective the low HPs and fairly low dual-wield damage will fare in higher MP levels.

Although expensive, I'd look for upgrades that sacrifice little/no resist and regen and net you some dps/HPs.

Give you 5 stars

The weakest pieces of your armor are your bracers and shoulders. It will be expensive to upgrade those but more res all and crit dam should up your dps. otherwise your monk looks awesome.
I need a new weapon, should I go for something with LS or LoH?
@ GrimReaper

Decent armor and dex levels through your shield and mantra, but a few odd choices here and there. Why an EF if your not dual wielding? Your shield lacks crit chance, and with the armor it provides you could probably swap the extra armor rune on MoE to Backlash for more damage because of your dex levels and the synergy of it with the rune on your FoT. Your resist levels are about right but your health pool seems a tad small, perhaps try and get that up towards 30k to increase your EHP. By doing that you could drop Near Death Experience for something usefull becaues you wont be getting bursted quite so much.
@Escaflowne: is that dps buffed? anyways, nice monk! you could raise your res a bit though
@ zergi
Nice setup. Interesting choice to not take OWE, must make your gear expensive. But makes you build stronger to have the other passives. I would consider more IAS on your gear to make the skorn faster. Will also let you not have to use the decrease spirit cost rune on bell over the damage one once your spirit regen is better.

@ Chock
Nice dps! Not sure if that's buffed or not. I note you've gone the more dps build, so I gues with high MP in the patch, may be worht considering more Loh and resists. Depends what MP you intend to farm I guess.
thats buffed got 110k unbuffed hehe sorry, i panicked cos i was playing in the office and i just alt f4ed when somebody stood at the back hehe
10/14/2012 07:44 PMPosted by Chock
thats buffed got 110k unbuffed hehe sorry, i panicked cos i was playing in the office and i just alt f4ed when somebody stood at the back hehe

Lol playing in the office. Isn't that pretty much impossible?

Anyway, 110k dps is still cool. I want to break 100k someday, but I'm a tank monk so going for def first. Also by the time I add the FoT dmg from my helm, I'm at 70k unbuffed, so not far to go, but will be expensive...
please rate my monk and tell me what i need to upgrade ty

You've got a well-balanced monk. I reckon you're looking for more dps? Best place would be the gloves, and Glamour ring. You could look for an upgrade for your shoes as well, something like Nat's boots + ring (can address two slots together and get the 7% cc boost). Good luck!

Nothing to say about ur build. it's insane!
rate me please!
need more dps!
Speed, you need more attack speed.
Having more crit damage will improve your dps. But other than that very tank like monk.

Nice tanky monk there. You definitely need more crit damage to improve your dps.


That's a real nice ammy there, as well as a lot of pickup radius! I'd suggest a witching hour for your next upgrade.
@naruil: fellow quickening mate! nice gear, i guess next upgrade would be the ammy or belt.

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