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Ooh....I came too late for freebies? :)
Hello all, i'm looking for some help in game with character build for my monk. I am struggling to stay alive on MP1 and get my DPS above 30k. I've been playing since launch in Aus and have yet to see a legendary or set piece drop despite numerous runs with MF around 220.
It takes me about a week to make 1 million gold and given AH prices i need to understand where i've seriously gone wrong.
Any constructive help or support would be welcomed. Apologies if this is the incorrect forum.
ISO <Godly :) Strongarm bracers. str res vit?
And <godly :) IK belt :)

FT Love
Well they went fast..! I'm down to about 15 items left. NO monk items left at all.

I will be available for game help and to give away items at times this weekend but I am PLANNING to play with my farming partners before they forget who I am and replace me :P

Thanks to everyone for their patience last night/this morning.

@ Halguror - I'm sorry I couldn't be more help, I don't know much about monks. I can direct you to people who MAY be willing to help though. Same goes for anyone else who needs build help/advice :)
Hi Nikki, do you have anything left for DH?

Also, if you wouldn't mind to check my DH profile and give an advice for development. DJDAN put me on AllRes path, it helped a lot, and I solo finished Inferno on MP1 :)

Thanks for any help
Hey ruslanec :)

Gratz on soloing Inferno..! Forgot to tell you I can upgrade your gear just not with MF. Can get your dex, vit and AR up a bit more but you will lose MF :)
Thanks for your help, advice and tips Nikki. I played around with a few things and are now running through MP1 a lot easier now.
I'll have..... Oh wait,..... it's gone
Do you have anything left for my barb?
Hey WAZZ do you still have that Manticore to give away?
Thanks :)
Hey WAZZ do you still have that Manticore to give away?
Thanks :)

yea ive still got it. accepted ur request

also given Nikki a cindercoat, 2 dawns and an andys
hello Nikki, is Natalya's Bloody Footprints still available ? (for my DH)

um may I have the amulet 9-18 dmg, 142 dex, crit dmg 54%, 30% GF, life regen 107, crit chance 7% too, mine doesn't have crit dmg and I need to look for one, but I need to save money for a SoJ too :)

thanks very much Nikki :)
Thank you to DJDANPEARCE (as always), WAZZ, Jasian & kyokei for your generous donations.

@ NirVash - I'm sorry but those items are long gone :)
Awww man, always late for the party... :/
i found 23 sets/legs yesterday

amongst them were 4 windofrces, 4 hell racks, that !@#$ty madstone x3, tzo krin something x2, grand vizier x2 and pretty much a whole new wizard outfit.

pretty ladsy

i has given some to DJDANPEARCE for the giveaway
one day will come when i get 23 brown and green in a day...... for now ill settle for 3. :P

That said, im accumulating some legs too, so when i get a sizable amount ill pass it on nikki.
i was actually really angry sometimes because when i thought i got a key or hellfire component, it was actually a legendary.

thought the best part was when i got a double set drop - zunimassa chest and chantando's.

i was actually really happy.
also - check out the godly chest on my wizard

so godly.
indeed, would be nice with some armor instead of cold res, but godly nonetheless. My zuni on my wiz is decent too. :P
Would give more stuff to Nikki as I find them, mainly i62/63 rares as I don't find many legs, the ones that I do and don't use I give to her.

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