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Please consider a couple of logistics on this though.

1 Not everyone has a FB page. While it is unlikely, someone here might not have it.

2 How do people get invited? Consider a case of people like me who farm solo and might want to join a group later on. Or what about new/returning players that are not part of the existing groups.

Do we need to go through an audition or something? How often would you guys hold it then?

Not saying this is a bad idea, just making you guys think about it.

@ceasarpineda just curious on this and you don't need to answer but what ethnicity are you? The name sounds Spanish or maybe Filipino the way I'm reading it.
i thought the FB page was for the name and shame of those harrassing nikki?

if its about actually playing diablo then i don't really care cos we already have this.

pls clarify.

can still add me on FB and see how really grate iyam.
For reference

Sorry to hear that some !@# is being a jerk.

How do u guys feel about a FB group to filter out spammers and jerks?
Id be happy to set it up n stuff. Would b private so would need to b invited to the group to prevent dicks from being dicks.

On topic, ive got some gear(couple of diff fists) which could b useful for a monk. There was someone asking bout monk gear before

We wont all need to be friends. But there will b some friending required to help add ppl.
For example, ill b friends with X, X is friends with C and F. And so on.
Friends will be required as the group will b invite only. And its hard to invite if u dnt have the person in ur contacts

But i also dnt see a prob with being friends on FB. Ive got heaps of ppl on FB from diff forums. I even met my gf thru a music forum

Based on the above, my understanding is that you guys are setting up an exclusive group in FB to filter out the jerks.

Could also be used against the harassers I guess but I don't know how you would go about it.
10/23/2012 08:31 PMPosted by Hayaku
@ceasarpineda just curious on this and you don't need to answer but what ethnicity are you? The name sounds Spanish or maybe Filipino the way I'm reading it.

OMG this got a bit out of hand.

The annoying people have been deleted and the threatening ones have been reported. I will NOT name and shame anyone.

I will continue the giveaway for now but if this continues it will stop. If you want items you MUST state what sort of items you are looking for in your friend request. If you just want to play you MUST state that in your friend request. Blank friend requests will be declined.

Oh and thank you snowflake.....I can't stop laughing :P
i'm bored - what do people with 9-5s do when they're not playing, aside from work/waste time on forums
Id say the group would b for name n shame on ppl to avoid, but mainly for the give-aways. Someone mentioned some thing earlier in the thread that made me think of it. Im on my fone atm so its a pain to go back n check.
Im not 100% how it would work tbh. Nikki posting stuff up and giving it to randoms (me included) is a great thing and helped my character a lot. I dnt want the idea to die bc of dicks. Hayaku made some good points which i didnt consider.
Wen i get home tonight ill see wat i can come up with n start a thread to see if its viable doing.
Nikki, I will be on tonight if you still have the blackthorne's.

Nikki, i suggest advocating representatives for your gievaways. Let a male friend of yours deal with the j erks. :P
10/23/2012 10:00 PMPosted by seansky
Nikki, i suggest advocating representatives for your gievaways. Let a male friend of yours deal with the j erks. :P

lol thats not sexist at all
pieman do you live in perth?

i was driving behind a license plate of the same name, contemplated throwing my half eaten mango yogurt at the vehicle
easiest way to deal with sexist j erks pieman. :) Those ***holes cant throw sexist comments at a dude.
so we're not making a FB quentin lynch mob????
I have a few more items available including another zuni helm, Tal Rasha chest, IK belt, Dex Andy's helm, 1 socket dex manticore, and a few legendary weapons.

I also have some legendary items from DJDANPEARCE that I haven't gone through yet, mostly weapons I think. Thx again D man.!

I will be on early morning and in the evening....but please be patient if I'm playing.
Hi Nikki, can i have the Zuni Helm?
sorry, when I added you I didn't specify what i was looking for.
I need Zuni set or atleast 4 set for the bonus.
I can also give out some legendaries
atm I have a couple of Skorns intel and dex that I can give away to anyone wanting it.
I don't mind if there is a FB group for AUS/NZ players but as Wazz mentioned, not sure how it would work yet but it's not gonna be an elitist private club or anything, I'm lucky so far that I haven't had anyone try to abuse the freebie rares process I usually give away after some runs, often I get some people refusing them or giving the ones they don't need back to me, a couple even gave back the decent legs I offered, showed me there are still a lot of honest people from Australiasia about.

Nikki, I need to return a couple set pieces that you passed onto me to help someone out from last week. If you can, can you save the Tal Rasha chest and manticore so I can see if it can help the person I'm helping gear up also. Also found a cindercoat that you can have.

no jaisan i live in sydney as i am not poor ;) enjoy your 1980's state and i hope you choke on your mango
heeeeey! Perth is great! and hardly harbours the poor! we're paying for the rest of the country! mining boom, anyone???
Hi Nikki,

Can I have manticore if its any better then my, please?
And if you have a quiver as well.
Any dex gear, please.


Edt. Sorry Kyo, didn't read you message re manticore :)
nsw is about to have the biggest mine in the southern hem when appin joins up with bulli, boom

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