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So, I am thinking of buying some millions, but I am afraid of spending it on the wrong items? I want to make a WW barb, and lets say I buy 100 mil (idk if that is enough to farm act 3), where should I focus on? What stats am I lacking? Also how do I identify overpriced items? Sometimes I buy a weapon and the next day I can't sell it unless I price it 50% lower than what i bought. Any help will be appreciated!

Also mind the upcoming patch, I don't want to buy gear that will be useless in 1 week...


Another question is if I go for mighty weapon because I can't keep my fury up, do I have to get a mighty weapon for my main hand, off hand, or both?? Also with the update coming should I look for Life Steal instead of LoH?
I'm not a WW barb, but I can tell you 100 million gold is plenty to farm act 3. If I were you, I'd buy two or three really good pieces of gear that you'll never have to replace. (that'll keep you from wasting gold over and over). Then take about 10 mil and get some decent stuff to fill out the rest of your set up.

I know it's not the advise you're looking for, but I do act 3 runs with ease, I don't clear the whole act in 30 minutes like those crazy WW barbs, but I'm not far behind. Good luck.

Well yeah, I am not expecting to be one of those WW barbs that clear sewers in 1 minute...

My overall question tho is what to look for in the auction house to make sure i will be strong enough to start making my own gold, like what to search for in my weapons and gear and estimated prices... just wanna make sure i don't get ripped off :/
boy, you have a really long way to go .. be patient.. just keep farming.. like me
You need to talk to dboy187 i had a 115 budget and he helped me gear this barb check my profile to see ;p long way there....however with 100 million.......u can easily gear up to farm 3. ......... If u need help i'm available @xxruthlessxx#1218.......... Feel free to ask.
Hi Mate just slowly grab piece by piece look hard at Barb main att which is STR,Next would be CHC and AR try to keep Vit above 40
Pretty much all good gear is way overpriced on the AH right now. That's why I haven't upgraded any of my gear. I'm sitting on 400 MIL because I refuse to pay 300+MIL for a single slot upgrade unless it's absolute BIS. Wich most are not.

People are overpricing their junk trying to accrue as much gold as possible before tha patch hits ans hopes some sucker will buy it. Don't be a sucker
I am currently using a HotA build on act 2, should I sell my 2h and buy 2 1h weapons? How much would my 2h be on GAH? (bought it for 500k)

And just to get this clear, my offhand can be 1dps or 1000dps, it won't matter as long as it has atk speed and loh? Or should i get LS instead of loh because of 1.05 coming soon?

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