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A few weeks ago I had no trouble with gameplay, but whether it is just coincedence or not since the release of the PTR I'm having huge issues with playing the game. These issues include: freezes in gameplay, the inability for the gameplay to keep up with my movement hence getting attacked by what seems like thin air, the gameplay eventually does catch up to me in which case i'm badly beaten or if playing my demon hunter usually dead because apparently I was being attacked but couldn't see it happening, getting stuck in a spot and moving only to be transported to where i started and having to teleport back to town to progress, and other such 'laggy' issues that inhibit my heroes abilities in some way or the other. Last month I had no issues, I've run virus and anti-malware scans although my other internet activities seem normal.. Just saying that since the release of the PTR the gameplay seems unbearable.. mainly due to the fact that I hate dying and the gameplay as current doesn't allow me to play the game properly or defend myself justly. Things are kind of bearable in the afternoons where I try to at least level up one of my heroes but I find that as soon as night time comes around and I believe more americans begin playing that things just become increasingly worse until I'm so frustrated I just log out along with some explitives. I really do enjoy the game, or at least i did, but something seriously has to be done about this. I'm hoping that the release of the next patch will see these troubles as a thing of the past, but needless to say it is taking one hell of a time for that day to come...
Feel free to share your thoughts on this issue.
If you are constantly experiencing this, you need to check for some other source of the problem. Having said that, tonight I am having severe problems. Started earlier today with quite frequent lag spikes and the last couple hours: disconnects, errors switching heroes, hero inventory not showing when on AH, etc etc etc - really wonder what is going on.
As i said my other internet activities seem normal, nothing out of the ordinary and no problems. Ive run virus and anti-malware scans that have picked up nothing. I dont have anything else running or downloading while I'm playing and I'm the only person using my internet. My internet is the same with the same connectivity and available downloads as when I was playing without any issues. I really don't know what else I can do
OP, please change your wall of text to something more readable. It hurts the eyes (someone hand me some goggles!).

My connection in game gets lag spikes sometimes. Bar go's red so Ill just sit there and do nothing until it passes. Its bad.

At the moment I can't even get in. "Retrieving Hero List..." green ticked. Then Error 3006.

OP who is your provider? I'm with Internode in Canberra and have hardly ever had issues except for this week.
I'm surprised someone else hasn't said anything sooner because in the last couple of weeks whenever I've played with another Aussie they have been having similar issues to me.. and being a proper aussie bloke i just thought by ignoring it things would eventually sort themselves out and she'll be right.. my bad i guess.

Perhaps it is an internet provider issue. I'm with telstra.. and before you start pointing your finger and saying 'well theres your problem right there' which I'm sure at least one of you will anyway.. let me point out that I've been playing Diablo 3 for the last few months with the same internet with almost flawless gameplay, it's just since the PTR was released that things have turned ugly.

Guess I'll just wait and see if things improve.
When was the last time you reset your modem and restarted your computer/laptop..?because ive had these problems in the past, where my wizard on the character screen moves in slow motion, and once ive done the above reset and restart, its back to normal..!
10/12/2012 07:33 AMPosted by HazePhaze
I'm surprised someone else hasn't said anything sooner

the topic had been here since...... beta days. Nothing was done, nothing is being done, nothing will be done, and nothing is intended to be done. They will "talk" about it. Everything is "on the table". Thats it.

Alot of us raised the problem, alot of those ppl left. The rest, we cant be bothered anymore. The devs are waiting for us to drop the topic, coz they know we as aussie, is in our nature to cbf after awhile. We are proving them right. :)

But nah PTR shudnt really affect the live version, since they are on a different part of the server i heard.
10/12/2012 05:31 PMPosted by seansky
But nah PTR shudnt really affect the live version, since they are on a different part of the server i heard.

Another urban myth was created and gets perpetuated.
Since the distrubution of servers within the server farm to different realms has an impact on resource availability there is naturally an impact on the 'production version'. This impact can be positive (when more resource needs [aka players] move to the PTR then was used by them on the production version) or negative (when more resource needs are dedicated to the PTR than released from the production version) - my guess is that PTR players are given plenty resources so there will be some sort of negative impact.
depends how u see it asmodeus. True it is the same server farm, and the effect can be positive or negative. But when you look at the problems PTR are having over there, with ppl having trouble getting in, and the amount of ppl on PTR, ill guess it shouldve had a positive affect on the live than negative, if any.

But yeh my latency sux, but it had always sucked since 15th of may, so whats new?
10/12/2012 07:31 PMPosted by seansky
But when you look at the problems PTR are having over there, with ppl having trouble getting in, and the amount of ppl on PTR, ill guess it shouldve had a positive affect on the live than negative, if any.

If both the PTR and the production version are running close to capacity the impact of having a PTR at all is negative because there are some basic overheads in running two systems instead of one. Since you mention problems they are having on the PTR over there, maybe that even accentuates the problems by players trying to switch between the two version more often - every log-on costs resources as does every attempt (failed or not) to create a game.

Also, if numbers of players in farming groups are in average lower the number of games created/supported is increased causing additional strain on the systems - so if one player from a production farming party goes to have a solo game on the PTR what does that do?

PS: If your latency is constantly above 250, then you need to look at your ISP or you are in a bad location.
Holy !@#$ storm batman, kudos to whoever plays HC cause man i can't even play SC now. Constant lag, can't even quit the game its so bad.
10/12/2012 10:26 PMPosted by IceEagle
kudos to whoever plays HC

Who right now plays hc is insane - only part of hc I play atm is the AH :)
10/12/2012 05:31 PMPosted by seansky
But nah PTR shudnt really affect the live version, since they are on a different part of the server i heard.

It can have an impact like when they do a PTR reset and 1000's of users are copying profiles. This means the live profile servers are heavily loaded.
I can confirm that the LAG has nothing or little to do with my internet connection. I run "trayping" and monitor two points.

1. My ISP - normally running at around 45ms.
2. Blizzard's ISP - normally running around 250ms.

The game normally shows 280ms.

When the game shows 1000ms; trayping still shows 250ms so those saying it is your internet connection they are simply wrong (well in my case). I recommend you run some utility like trayping before resetting modems, calling your ISP or rebooting your PC.
No matter what game you play, if its on US servers we will always have lag issues. But for the most part, we are made to believe that the fault is with our own ISP. funny how so many people of differing ISP's can have the same problems. I too have found that the game has become unbearable for the last month or so. Problems with disconnecting from the game, being killed by lag, retrieving heros... and nothing... *sigh*

I dont know what the answer is, perhaps if we cant have our own server a more direct line?????

edit: another solution would be to let us play single mode or co-op with friends rather than ONLINE!. I'd be up for that.

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