[Bug] Seismic Slam - Rumble

Bug Report
Combat Bug: Seismic Slam's rune Rumble.

Rumble works as if the character made 2 consecutive attacks, the typical Seismic Slam (long ranged, in one line), and another one, at about 1.5s later, rumbling the ground for additional damage, with the center of this "affected area" at the end-point of the Slam (as i recalled correct, from before 1.0.4).

So, this is the problem: Rumble casts where the character is facing, not at the end-point of the Slam.
If the player casts Rumble, and then run in the opposite direction (to avoid contact with the approaching horde of monster, for example), the secondary Rumble effects will be cast in front of the running Barb, not at the enemies, on the back of the fleeing hero.
This made the Rune effect less viable, since the character has to wait until Rumble kicks in, to turn and run.

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