Framerate drops in Maghda fight

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Nice. Hopefully this will be addressed soon?
Had the same issue with Maghda on Hell (4).
Same issue here, tried everything and found this thread via google.
Don't want to risk fighting with such a crappy fps...
What happened? I want to play!
Any update on this issue yet?
ready to fight her in inferno now....any news on this bug? Can we get a word from a bliz rep?
There are no Bliz reps here on the weekends. You will want to continue collecting data and posting it here until Monday afternoon when they return. Sounds like you certainly have a valid issue! If by 11am PST on Monday this falls off the front page, feel free to bump it. (dont spam bump though....just keep it often enough for it to stay on the front page)
I am hitting a similar issue. I do have a question for everyone here though. How many of you guys are running some sort of real time virus scanning? If you are, try disabling it while doing this fight.

My FPS did the whole "gradual drop" thing to 5-15 once I finished this on normal. I then noticed that Microsoft Security Essentials was taking a nice 20% chunk of my CPU usage even when I had the game minimized. I unchecked the real-time protection and my FPS jumped back up to 60 in game.

Now, the real problem for me is probably some goofy I/O issue in D3 causing MSE to freak out and scan the resources every time they are loaded, but this is at least a workaround for me.
Hmm i'm going to check that to Melonman67 .. i use G-Data.

Now i have a little improvement with running in dx9 .. when entering the room i now have 5 - 10 fps .. its not great but its better than 0 - 5 fps ;]

Rest of the game runs +150fps now in dx9 serious downgrade but no problem for me :p
I have the same problem, the game runs smoothly until I start the fight with Maghda and it all goes downhill, everything slows down and I can't see my character moving until I die. I can't progress in the game because of the lag. Will anything be done about this?
same problem with lenovo y580. Have about 0-2 fps during maghda fight.
I run a gtx 580 and a quadcore i7 870. I have twelve gigs of ram. The magda fight is unplayable. In fact, big chunk of this game are unplayable because of the stuttering, rubber banding, and various other technical issues. I have 16mb internet. It says my ping is 40ms. It would be really nice if it played that way. Just once. I quit playing because of this crap and only came back to check out 1.05. This game has had more technical problems than Vista. This has convinced me that I made a poor decision. Diablo 3 is, and always will be, a piece of crap.

It's like the difference between having your mom make lasagna, and finding a homeless Thai woman on the street to make you lasagna. You can still call it lasagna, but I wouldn't f*****g wanna eat it. You can call this game whatever you want Blizzard, but it sure as hell wasn't made by mom, and I don't wanna eat it anymore.

Is torchlight 2 worth the money?
Maybe it's Maghda's special ability: Mess Up Frame Rate =)
Well, I was able to get past Maghda at a steady 2 FPS. Once I entered the area (dropped from 60 FPS to 20 FPS) I quickly moved to the middle of the arena to trigger the scene (drop to 12 FPS). I skipped the scene, and went to town on her (8 FPS to 2 FPS). After she summoned her minions for a third time I laid her to rest. Pure luck and blind mouse clicking.

And, of course, after I returned to town, the frame rate returned to normal.
Had exactly the same issue, fighting Maghda on hell with my demon hunter. It was more stop/start, where it would be fine for 3-4 seconds, and then freeze up for about half a second, and it was like that constantly until I killed her. It wasn't like a lag spike where you can still run around while the game is frozen.

This was especially scary given that I was playing in hardcore mode. I've already died once in hardcore because of bugs, so please fix this!
I think this thread ought to be moved to the bug report section as this problem seems to be an issue on Blizzard's end, rather than a technical issue on our end.
same issue, on Magda (10 fps) - and in different places around the world (specially with exploding objects)
issue not depending (or very few) on graphic parameters chosen ingame, or set via the Nvidia panel; on the number of CPU cores working either.
appeared with 1.0.5 - and transformed a good playable game so far in something painful from time to time.

system : intel Q 6600 / 4 Gb RAM / Geforce 260 GTX (latest drivers on)
playing a fetichist.
I also found this thread through a "unplayable lag Magda" search. Game is perfectly playable everywhere except during this fight. I have never ever had anything take this game down to a standstill before this. It is in no way shape or form an issue with our computers.
Same issue for me as well. I have done this fight several times prior to this with absolutely no issues at all. Started for me last night.
I have also been experiencing this on my 55 witch doctor (Hell). Unplayable.

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