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In batmud I used to use this 'keep list' where i could put my EQ and stuff on that list could not be sold or dropped nor otherwise destroyed unless the eq was taken off that list first.

At least to me it quite often happens that I accidentally swap one of my set piece to the inventory when I am ID'ing loot and if I happen to miss that, there is a chance that I might accidentally sell or salvage that piece of eq too.

The keep list would like this:
- keep list would have its own password. different from the account password. you would need to give this password only once every gaming session and only when add/remove stuff from keep list
- you press e.g. <alt+control+shift> and then click an eq... the game would ask if you want to add/remove the eq from keep list... here it would prompt for password too, if haven't given it before... you give password only once per gaming session.
- when an eq would be on the keep list, there would be some graphics on the eq to show it
- stuff on keep list could not be sold, salvaged, dropped, auctioned, given to anyone else nor otherwise destroyed... to do that, you would have to remove it from the keep list first
- you could still swap your keep list eq between worn eq, stash and inventory freely
no comments? :D
This idea is interesting.
I'm sure alot of ppl make mistakes and sell/salvage items they want.
For sell, it's just a question of buyback (if you did'nt leave the game...) but for salvage I think something needs to be done to reduce mistakes.
Maybe displaying the name of the item when you're about to salvage it would help...
but ur idea is even better, just alot more coding for them which they might not like =o

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