15 legendaries in 3 hours = CONTROLLED DROPS

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Proof that D3 players, much like World of Warcraft players, will, indeed, complain about literally ANYTHING.
how in the !@#$ do you people always find something to complain about? why would blizz blacklist or promote accounts. i swear this entire forum has to just be people trolling. this patch is great. shut up
Three points I have which apply to all of these type of posts:

1) Conformation Bias, Google it, read it understand it. You're doing it.

2) Ive played close to 200 hours, I have had 2 legendary drops (and they were terrible even the post 1.0.4 one), this isn't a conspiracy.
I have every blizz game; bought as they came out over the last 20 years and brought a lot of other people on board too. I have only good things to say bout them. I doubt Id star or appear on a blacklist.
The only list im on is "RNG is a cruel cruel mistress." list.

3) Blizzard is very good at ignoring stuff that doesn't add to what they do. The reason nobody from Blizzard has responded to these kind of posts is simple, it would just set a precedent (which they _do_not_ want) that they have to dismiss rumours and speculation like this or it is deemed true. Silence is not acceptance.

Id like to add a bonus My 2c on the drops too; I dont think that drops are the be-all and end all of the game, I think you can have plenty of fun without Legendaries. I also dont think that low drop rates are bad, I think that low drop rates mean that when you do get a great item it really does feel good and having legendaries is supposed to feel Unique and exciting not "they're dime-o-dozen".
Is this server "world" based, like everyone in this planet earth connected into this one big freakin' AH/ RMAH central server? If not, then loot drops based on local servers? Priority? How about as per buffed up item quantitative if certain threshold has been reached?

All I know is getting 15 Legendary in 3 hours kinda lame, it is beyond normality of actual RNG mech (IF consecutively not as per instances).

Is there ever like Blizzard semi-control it?
This is called advertisement and marketing.

A little tweak right before a patch and a little while after it, makes all the D3 enthusiastics spread the word that "drops are getting better, actually they are great now" bs.

That's why blizz leave this crack as it is.

Many of the players fall into this trap, but only once or twice. Some of my friends got the bait in 1.0.4 but then realized what's going on and left the game, just like I did. JW and K-Tick thinks that everyone is that stupid to step on the same trap over and over.

OP is just trying to warn people that something shady is going on.

If you close your eyes to the dark happennings when you get your share, you are a selfish and anti-social person. That what makes our societies get corrupted. blah blah blah... No more words for ones that do not want to understand those words.

Before you ask fanboi(whoever you are), I have left the game but hang out in the forums, because game is bad but forums are fun. I have paid for this right and I'll keep bloody using that right. (;
If you have done a course in statistics you know exactly how I feel about this thread :)

And gg for the troll.
with these math edits, you're at the point of absurdity. you're an idiot and you should feel like and idiot. your post is bad and you should feel bad.

here's the best analogy for why your post is tinfoil hat territory. the odds of one person winning the lottery are less than what you're describing. one person playing the lottery has meager chances, of course, but does that mean that nobody ever wins the lottery? of course not. if it were only one person playing, chances are they very, very likely wouldn't win. when you consider, though, the chances of a large population playing, the chance that somebody wins by random pick goes up. with enough people playing a lottery, you actually expect someone to win it. when someone does win the lottery, do !@#$%^-s like you start claiming that the lottery is rigged, as it's mathematically shown to have a low probability? probably one or two *!@#$%^s, but they're also idiots. ergo you're an idiot. QED.
God, another one of these threads.... The drops are RNG. And I don't care about getting legendaries, I care about interesting affixes on gear other than the 5-6 useful ones they have currently. Why don't they add new affixes? They obviously are capable of making huge drastic changes to the game with every patch. Why are they so reluctant to make interesting UNIQUE affixes roll on gear so that every player is not looking for the same god damn !@#$. It sucks to say the least, and I don't know why they are so stubborn. I just played the new patch and the game is easy now, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I never cared about the difficulty I just care about interesting gear dropping from time to time. God, they just don't get it do they?
10/16/2012 04:37 PMPosted by Wheresmymind
FIRST DROP in 1.05...legendary....

It was a crummy pair of ice damage gloves, but 1 hour later...a nice new pair of depth diggers for my demon hunter!

Am I attributing 2 legendary drops to release day patch conspiracies? No. The doubled legendary drop rate, combined with monster power and a bit of luck makes more than enough sense to me.
I got a nice legendary ring. It seems they changed some of the legendary's attributes as well. First time I've got a nice legendary. Thank you Blizzard, hope to get more.
I never knew D3 Fourms were for maths. Congratulations on the Luck but dont need 2 tell every about it with maths.
Aren't you thankful ?
Just focus on farming those legends on the first few days with 1.0.5. By the time when the AH is flooding with legend. The invisible hand will turn down the droprate as before. Take this opportunity to accumulate your wealth and gear up.
OP can you please prove that these aren't photoshopped? Add me and join my game, then you can drop them on the floor to prove that your legendaries are real.
Given state of the game at the time of its release I wouldn`t be surprised if the RNG class wasn`t quite there. It doesn`t mean that Blizz is 'marking' accounts or doing anything shady, they might be simply trying to get it right or... it`s some of us being paranoid. At the moment I`m just trying to make a sense of my limited knowledge in field of statistics, personal experience in D3 and what other posters are describing. If I`m correct and standard deviation applies && OP is honest hers/his boyfirend happens to be extremly lucky (what are the chances) and RNG is RNG or there`s actuall problem ?

In my case:

0-12k EK - 5 leg 0-set ( % chance low, accepted - moving along )

12k-14k EK - 7 leg 1set (Zuni chest and nat vis in 1 run, rest junk: on average 1 leg in 9 full a3 runs - still within norm)

15 oct -16 Oct : doing Alkaizer runs, starting game on stairs just before Azmo, that`s when it gets really weird for me...

15th: 1st alien thingy killed : gladiator gloves - yes just logged in with 0 NV, next run Grandfather ( Fields of S - 5NV 203 mf ).
16th - Elite pack that spawns near stairs -The Tormentor (again 1st kill in game 0 NV )
16th - 2nd run - 1st alien thingy killed ( leg monk helmet, Windforce later- Keep 5NV 206 mf)

So... was I on left hand side of the bell for 2 months ? Or % was never constant but a variable adjusted or influenced by other factors ?

On a separate note:
@noumuon : There`s no hope for You sir.
OP is a troll... This explains everything.

1) Either he found the stuff, and then he should not complain. He probably has been raging for months to get decent drops, and now that Blizzard complies, he... rages again?

2) Or he didn't find anything at all, and is just trolling.

Your choice!
I killed 15,399,997,000 monsters and got 0 legendaries.
On a completely separate note:
that`s nice .gif =)

... plus your 5k EK makes this comment realy special
I played for about an hour and a half today and picked up 3 legendaries. The day 1.04 was released I picked up 2 legendary drops as well. I picked up about 7 legendaries between patches.

It did prompt me to search for this thread. Although I'm well aware of the RNG and the statistics behind it all, I can't help but take out my tinfoil hat ;).

That said, this patch kicks !@#. Keep it up Blizzard!

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