Key Wardens: Where Are They?

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Hey guys,

I have two quick questions about key wardens :)

1. As 1.05 is about to go live, can someone who played the PTR please tell me how you find the Key Warden in each act? Does an elite randomly get turned into the key warden? Are they always in the same place?

2. Do you need to be at 5 NV stacks to find the key warden, or for the key warden to drop a key?

Thanks! I tried searching for this info, but couldn't find it...
or the above links information.

Obtaining the Machine by ScyberDragon
The first thing a player must do to fight the Uber Bosses is to create the Infernal Machine. In order to create the machine you need 3 keys and the plan to craft it.

Key 1 - Found on Goat Mutant Key Warden in the Fields of Misery (Act 1)
Key 2 - Found on Dune Dervish Key Warden in Dahlgur Oasis (Act 2)
Key 3 - Found on Morlu Spellcaster Key Warden in Stonefort (Act 3)
Infernal Machine Plan - Found on Terror Demon Key Warden in Silver Spire Lvl 1 (Act 4)
The Key Wardens will always spawn in each Inferno game.
Monster Level does not matter.
You must have a 5 stack of Nephalem Valor for the drops to even have a chance of dropping.
If you do it on monster level 10 with your 5 stacks, you are guaranteed the drop.

Using the Infernal Machine
After creating the machine, the player has to activate the portal to enter the three realms with the Uber Bosses.
The machine needs to be activated in the Heretic's Abode found in New Tristram.
The portal will open up one of the three locations randomly.
The Realm of Discord - King Leoric and Mahgda.
The Realm of Turmoil - Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle.
The Realm of Chaos - Ghom and Raknoth.
The machine only works to open a portal one time.
A new machine will need to be crafted each time to open another portal.
The portal remains open until the bosses are defeated or you leave game.
The Vengeful Eye, Devil's Fang, and Writhing Spine, needed to craft the Hellfire Rings, are not guaranteed drops.

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