1.0.5 major lag and performance issues

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I have the 2.6ghz Macbook pro Retina computer with the 650m graphic card

I dropped from 60fps down to 10.

And I now cant choose the 1920x1080 so i have to have it in 1898x1186 ...

now what is going on and do you guys never test the patches on Mac computers before they are live ?
The settings were reset when patching. You may want to recheck what settings you are on. If you add changed it before, or modified the D3Prefs.txt file itself, then you will need to do this once more. This was a bug that should not happen for future patches.

The display mode is an intentional change, as it is using the native resolution, and generating 10 resolutions from that. This change was technically in 1.0.4, but if you had your desktop to a different resolution, you didn't notice this.

You can read more about the display mode changes here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6471447232#4
but what about the performance issues ?
Did you toggle your D3Prefs file to back where it was before and see if it helps? Remember, all settings got set back to default. This means if you changed it before, it may seem like you're having performance issues, but thats only cause your settings aren't the same.
how do i do that ?
fixed it .. needed to reset smc :)
Thanks for that. Was it working correctly in 1.0.4?

Also, did you recently do a software update as well?
The lags are terrible and deadly these past few days.

This whole always online mode is stupid. Players are forced to be always online when playing and yet the servers are not decent enough to provide satisfactory performance.
im having the same problem, when ever i teleport or get in visual distance of a mob
I was having the same issue - no problems in 1.0.4 and using the default settings before and after patch. HUGE framerate issues on a Macbook Pro Retina after the patch. Reset the SMC per Maggi's recommendation and problem solved. Might be worth testing/documenting?
ive got the same problem (really low framerate) on my macbook retina. i restarted the laptop but there's no diff. how do i reset the SMC?

Follow the steps in the dropdown towards the bottom for "Resetting the SMC on portables with a battery you should not remove on your own"
Yeah, I'd love for you guys to address some of the performance on mac issues.

I do all the right stuff (reset smc, close applications, drop resolution to NES level graphics), and i still get studder when a ton of enemies come on screen.

I mean I have a year old high end macbook pro. I was on a 5 year old macbook, i could understand this, but it seems a bit ridiculous it doesn't work smoother. I mean i bought software to play on my mac, I kinda expect it to work .

I understand macs are a different beast than PCs, but they (especially high end ones) are pretty decent specs out the box, i dont expect to have to go to the lowest resolution on a $2k computer.

Is there any progress being made for making d3 run smoother on a mac?

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