Mac Won't Start or finish patch DL

Mac Technical Support
I am stuck at 95.3% and it is initializing. After about 10 minutes it then says it can't download a certain file which is restricted and to check anti-virus software, firewall, and etc. But it seems all in check according to the tech support pages. I don't know what to do and when I just press play, it freezes at the Diablo skull and then does an error reporter after about 2 minutes. Please help. And I can't find a way to uninstall and reinstall of that is the necessary precaution. I can't find a way to re install it.
Can you post your latest AgentError.log? This should be located in /Users/Shared/ and the format should be AgentErrors-YYYY/MM/DD-[Random Numbers].log .

Make sure you remove any personal information, like computer/username from the log.

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